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Product details introduction about Non-standard customize playground.

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Non-standard amusement equipment provides hours of entertainment and challenges, and allows children of all ages to participate. Non-standard amusement equipment is very durable and easy to assemble. MICH's Non-standard customize playground mainly starts from the perspective of the original ecology. The entire site is close to nature in pursuit of the original beauty, so that children can approach nature and feel the nature while playing. choose us! Area builder and consultant for your kids!


What are the product parameters of the Non-standard customize playground?


Model: Outdoor non-standard customization

Specification: customizable

Certification: ISO9001, EU CE, TUV-GS, American ASTM

Installation: professional CAD instructions, assembly procedures and project cases

Packing: standard export packing

Remarks: We can design according to your requirements


What are the characteristics and advantages of Non-standard customize playground?

The reason why Non-standard amusement equipment is used a lot in the market is that its own advantages are obvious. When we pay attention, we need to look at the characteristics of the design and also look at the overall market demand? Non- The standard outdoor playground does have a lot of features during its use, and its overall use value is also high.


There are many market demands and various customized styles. Many playgrounds will choose professional Non-standard outdoor playground companies, because there are more market demands now, and the overall styles are also very diversified. When you really understand it, you can look at the actual use of it, so that you can Use it with confidence.


The customized non-standard amusement equipment is more refined. In addition to confirming the style, shape, size, etc. of customized non-standard amusement equipment, you can also see which type is more popular with the market. After understanding it in detail, you can naturally know the basic situation of outdoor customize playground. I suggest you pay attention These comprehensive factors can be considered at the time to make non-standard amusement equipment customized better.


It can be seen that when paying attention to the Non-standard outdoor playground, you can take a look at the advantages of customization. As long as the performance is good, it can also attract many tourists. It can play a lot in the playground and basically solve many practical problems. The problem, so that everyone can choose to use it with confidence, the playground can also be better operated.


Introduction to the product materials of Non-standard customize playground.

l The carbon steel frame is made of high-strength carbon steel with a thickness of 5.0mm, which is shot blasted and sandblasted, and protected by electrostatic paint and plastic spraying.


l The test time of the anti-ultraviolet ability of bungee noodles (commonly known as PP, Chinese name polypropylene) is more than 800 hours, and can be used continuously for 15,000 hours when exposed to the sun, and the load per square meter exceeds 280 kg.


Non-standard amusement equipment adopts the 65Mn special spring of the Japanese KOSHUHA brand, which is durable and elastic, and the spring has a longer service life.


l The soft cushion of Non-standard amusement equipment is made of 6CM pearl cotton, which is covered with thick PVC. The pearl cotton has no deformation after 3.4 kg/cm and 000000 times crushing test. The cushion adopts chamfer design to ensure the safety of users.


l Use 278D3x3 high-strength sewing thread imported from Germany and Japan to carry a weight of more than 180 n.M.


l The entrance of Non-standard amusement equipment and the steel pipe materials required by customers are in full compliance with European Union and American standards.


Non-standard amusement equipment is delivered quickly and well packaged, which can well protect your products. We are sure that you will find it as good as the advertised product. Many children can play this big attraction, and can combine rock climbing games and amusement activities infinitely. The Non-standard outdoor playground will also allow children to enjoy their imagination!



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