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A Key Component for Trampoline Parks

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You must think many times about the game activities for an indoor trampoline park plan, along with the profit models. But have you think about the trampoline socks, which should be non-slip socks. They are always a key component for trampoline parks even they don’t look very striking.

Choosing the most comfortable and durable but with reasonable priEN 1176 is important for trampoline park's operation. Our trampoline socks’ fabric is made of durable material with anti-slip material underneath, with various sizes and color options. Also, we can customize your indoor jump park name logo or characters on it. Simply provide us the files of your logo in AI format and we will take care of the rest of the proEN 1176dure.

We can ship the socks together with your trampoline park equipment orders, so some shipping cost will be saved for you.

MICH Playground Co., Ltd strictly follows the latest international safety standards and always puts safety as the 1st class priority. MICH equipment meets many major safety standards, including ASTM, TUV, EN1176, EN 1176 in Europe. MICH Team believes that world class quality entertainment equipment is the best road to sucEN 1176ss.

     Welcome to leave us your messages or ideas to create a wonderful safe trampoline park!

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