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 MICH playground speicalized in designing,developing and manufacturing indoor playground and trampoline park, products meet  ASTM standarder.  

MICH playground have professional team and able to offer turnkey solution for customer, and the proposal meet your price need in difference grade. All the elements are manufactured by ourselves so we can have a total control over the quality and leading time.
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Soft Playground Components Introduction

Turn-key Indoor Playground and trampoline park Solution

Mich Playground is not just a manufacturer, we are offer intergret solutions of indoor playground including kids indoor playground and trampoline park.  

What does it mean?

It means beside the manufacture, MICH playground also provide custom the turnkey solutions start from business market research, site design, manufacturing, shipment, installation, project operation guide, maintain and repair.

Indoor Playground Turnkey Solution Customization Process

Market Research Assistance
By analyzing the market potential and competition level of the target.
Determine target players by analyzing the age composition of the target city, the flow of people at the target address, and education policies.
Make suitable game products based on market trends and data analysis of customer venues.

Space Plan&Design
Provide CAD planning drawings,functional partitions are clear at a glance.
Check according to CAD layout drawing and on-site dimensions.
Combined with customer needs, construct 3D design.

Products Production and Delivery
The engineering department draws installation drawings
Production,Frame trial building,packing,label.
Make an appointment for container shipping.

Playground Installation
Warranty: 1 year
Operation Management
Aftersale Service
If the customer's site has installation conditions, the goods arrive at the site and the installer will go to the site for installation simultaneously.

Indoor Playground Market Research Assistance

MICH playhground offer Indoor Playground comprise toddler indoor playground market research assistance.
Market research enables us to have a better understanding of the project and increase confidence in business success. MICH will offer the free design service after that.     

Target Area Planning

How many sqm your location

Target Customer Group

Used age

Target Themes

What colors and themes

Target Function

What elements or activities involved

The Location Overview

Include the location height, constraction material of building, door entry, better supply CAD format and real photos or video of location

Others You Think Important

Indoor Space Plan&Design

 Indoor playground manufacturer-MICH playground will offer layout plan of the indoor playground or trampoline comprise commercial indoor trampoline park equipment based on the research assistance information, use 2D software to drawing out the plan of each section and We will keep revising the layout until you completely satisfied. 
 After confirm the 2D layout, our designer team will start the 3D drawing. MICH playground has over 20 colors and themes for your choose, most of our designer members worked more than 5 years, which is professional and able to finish drawing quickly.
Indoor Space Plan&Design
Indoor Space Plan&Design

Playground Equipment Manufacture And Shipment 

After confirm the order, MICH playground professional technican and designer team will do module decomposition and make drawing directly to the production department and finish all the part in 15-30 days. 

On-Site Playground Installation

We offer a professional and high skilled installation services, for both Indoor playground and trampoline park equipment. 
Experienced with installation from 100 to 5000 meter.                                                
negotiate installation time----do visa and booking flight-----make 2D and 3D details installation drawing------installation-----operations Debugging ---turn over the project
This trampoline park project located in Japan, total around 800sqm.
the project include trampoline activties such as free jumping, basketball, airbag, dodgeball, children area and high performance.
This indoor playground project located in Saudi Arabia, total around 1500sqm.
this project indoor playground include the equipment like children soft playground,trampoline park, toddlar area, gun shooting area, big slide rope climbing etc.

Indoor playground equipment operation management.

Over 15 year manufacturing and designing experience,we have gained in-depth knowledge of playground business, we also have our own brand Duoledao trampoline park in China and operation management team that are not just experts in play equipment, but also in running a playground business. these knowledge and experience will support you in every step of setting up your indoor playground business.
MICH professional and skilled sales  guarantee a speedy and effective response to the problems, providing proactive and reactive after-sales services in 24 hours.

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