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  • What is the most popular indoor playground equipment?

    There are so many different types of designs atindoor playground, you may get confused by the variety of them. How can you find the best equipment that you like most?Are you sure you didn't miss something more interesting?In this article we listed the most popular indoor playground equipment, hope you know which is your love after you finish reading the passages.

  • What is the most dangerous equipment in an indoor playground?

    The indoor playground should be a pleasant place where children and parents don't have to worry about safety issues or play equipment. However, children using defective playground equipment are at considerable risk. Their security can be maximized through some simple and common-sense strategies. So what’s the dangerous equipment and what need to be done, let's find out.

  • What is soft play equipment made of in an indoor playground?

    Safe playground surfaces are designed to cushion falls and are a necessity of the indoor playground including Skywalk, Slide. No matter what precautions parents, teachers and other caregivers take, sometimes falls are inevitable. When parents turn their heads, children jump off a swing or in a toy room. Sometimes children just lose their balance on one piece of equipment. When this happens, they need to land in a soft and thick place to absorb the impact and prevent minor injuries from becoming serious. So what are the equipment made of? Let's check.

  • What is soft play area in an indoor playground?

    Soft area games are very popular with children, providing them with a safe and fun environment to explore and hone their skills. In a soft area of an indoor playground, there are often some balls and plastic cubes and slides for children to play, the soft play area needs to be equipped with a sensor to keep watching child in the indoor playground in case of there is any accident. So what are the other topics about soft play? Let's check.

  • What is the adventure area like in an indoor playground?

    Adventure games or imagination games in the indoor playground have many benefits for preschoolers. It's all about giving them a wide range of resources and materials to make them have fun, experiment, and build their own creations. This article is all about the adventures of the indoor playground.

  • What is the rule of climbing wall

    What is the rule of climbing wall? Climbing walls has become more and more popular recently, although climbing walls is a free sport, there are some common sense and basic etiquette rules you must know to make it easier.

  • What to wear when climbing walls

    What to wear when climbing walls? Climbing walls is a challenging and dangerous sport, so good protective equipment is essential. Although indoor climbing is much easier than outdoor climbing, mastering what to wear when climbing walls still matters.

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