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A New Kids Indoor Play Center Project in India

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Hey guys, what’s up? Here’s one more good news for our indoor playground project that we’d like to share.

Wobble Kidzo, a Car Race theme based indoor fun zone that designs an unrestricted kids indoor play center from our professional designer, which enables their social, creative and physical enhancement apart from unending fun. It is located in Mumbai, India.

indoor fun zone.jpg

It includes trampoline bed for jumping high, airbag for jump off, rope course for balance training, climbing walls, rainbow nest, soft toddler area, gun shooting, big wave slide, ball pool, balloon house and lots of innovative games. We are the manufacturer of these playground equipment, provides kids have fun and explore the glorious childhood in a safe & entertaining place.

soft slide.JPG

Soft Slide

Ball pool.JPG

Ball Pool

Wave slide.jpg

Wave Slide

Single-plank bridge.JPG

Single-plank Bridge

Roller slide.JPG

Roller Slide

Trampoline bed area.jpg

Trampoline Bed Area

Toddler area.jpg

Toddler Area

Plastic climbing tunne.JPG

Plastic Climbing Tunnel

Rope course (2).JPG

Rope course.jpg

Rope Course

Please contact us if you are interested in operating the indoor play center. We are always after your service and do everything to meet your requirements.


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