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About the suitable age group analysis of Non-standard customize playground.

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Children of all ages are looking for challenges in non-standard amusement equipment. Therefore, the non-standard amusement equipment used with them must be suitable for their age and ensure that they are safe in the game, which is very important.

We know that children learn and develop their self-confidence through play. We also realize that when they use age-appropriate non-standard amusement equipment to stimulate and develop their own non-standard amusement equipment, they can develop best.

Skills for using non-standard amusement equipment for different age groups.

One factor that is often overlooked in non-standard amusement equipment and Non-standard customize playgrounds (especially for school playgrounds and local government play areas) is to design a non-standard customize playground that is universal enough for all ages Used by children (from toddlers to 12 years old).

The well-designed Non-standard customize playground will provide enough space for older children to make them more adventurous, while also providing them with a smaller challenging area, which is more suitable for younger children. It can meet the developmental needs of children of all ages and provide intellectual and physical challenges.

"Playground equipment should stimulate the imagination of children." Another struggle is to design the Non-standard customize playground, which not only stimulates the imagination of children, but also enables children of all ages to test their own Limits, allowing children to stretch themselves and discover their abilities without hurting themselves or others. It is important and crucial that all non-standard amusement equipment must be available to adults so that parents or caregivers can jam the children while testing the limits to rescue them.

Ideal for general non-standard amusement equipment for ages.

Ideally, the Non-standard customize playground will provide separate non-standard amusement equipment for older children. However, in some cases, due to budget and space constraints, only one piece of non-standard amusement equipment can be used, so the non-standard amusement equipment must be suitable for children of different ages.

Where a single non-standard amusement equipment is required for all ages, the height of the non-standard amusement equipment or the type of activity and even the way children get access will be compromised. However, the novel Non-standard customize playground can be used to appeal to all age groups of the entire age range. For example, the easy-to-use dual slides attract older children to use alone or with friends, while young children may prefer their mom or dad to be with them.

Another common age-appropriate Non-standard customize playground design is to provide young people with a play space at one end, which includes lower and easier-to-use components, and the other end with more challenging higher components for advanced users use. In other words, as long as there are suitable non-standard amusement equipment and allow them to be independent, it is surprising how brave toddlers are.

Choose MICH to customize the non-standard customize playground solution that meets the age group.

At MICH, we design, manufacture and install high-quality and innovative non-standard amusement equipment. We have a good record of providing customized Non-standard customize playground solutions for early learning centers, schools and local councils.


We work with you to determine the target age group, required site features, budget and building requirements. Then, we start to create a unique Non-standard customize playground for your children. Our wide variety of styles and types of non-standard amusement equipment means that your playground will be particularly suitable for your users and the space they occupy.


Our design team has a wealth of Non-standard customize playground design experience, so you can rest assured that the functions we designed for Non-standard customize playground will not only satisfy users, but also satisfy your bottom line. So you can rest assured, because you will get challenging and attractive safe and age-appropriate non-standard amusement equipment.



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