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Appropriate Ages For A Trampoline

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Is trampoline harmful to children’s development and their health? The answer is surely not. But why the trampoline accidents happens in our life from time to time? This mainly decides by the incorrect ways of using bounce trampoline and unawareness of supervision. Since the children's behaviors for games are quite different, many parents will ask the question that when children can start using trampoline. This passage answers this matter, read it now.

Bounce Trampoline

Minimum age for a trampoline

The indoor trampoline is one of the necessary playing equipment for children at an early stage of development. Trampoline provides relatively inexpensive enjoyment and exercise for thousands of Kids . Children of all ages like the feeling of flying in the air, they also master some skills (from basic jump to advanced tricks) during the process of playing on trampoline. From the aspects of children’s physical development needs and their desires for having trampoline exercise, parents may be forced to introduce trampoline exercise into their children's lives at one point or another. But what is the most suitable age for children to play on the trampoline? We believe that a child must meet a specific age requirement before being allowed to jump on a trampoline, and the minimum age limit is 6 years old. If your child is under six year old, please ensure the playing area is under your direct supervision, but high risk is still existed.

Reasons for having a minimum age for trampoline

  • Although children under the age of 6 are able to stand on their own, they are more likely to fall on a trampoline, especially when multiple children are standing on a trampoline at the same time.

  • Children under the age of 6 do not have enough physical development to control their bouncing, therefore they are not suitable in jumping trampoline.

  • Children above six years old have left the period of early childhood, all aspects of their body have got enough development.

  • Adult supervision will not ensure the absolute safety of the child. More than half of the trampoline accidents occurred under the supervision of adults. However, well-trained “observers” can greatly reduce this potential of risk.

  • Unreasonable use of a trampoline can cause damage to any parts of the body, including the head, neck, hands, legs and so on. The most serious injury is the damage to the head.And the most common injuries are happened in sprains and fractures of the arm and leg joints. The children over six will have the awareness of protecting themselves.

You should also avoid playing with your child on a trampoline after drinking, because there will be many unexpected situations. In a word, compared with sofa and bed, trampoline brings more safety to your child, because falling from sofa or bed will bring more harm to your baby.

General recommendations for different ages

  • For children under three

We suggest the children under three should avoid having dangerous activities such as jumping on the trampoline, if you have to buy one for toddlers under the age of three, we suggest you choose a mini size for safety.

  • For children from three to five

For the children who are three to five years old, we suggest you should supervise their activities on trampoline to reduce the potential of risk. You can also start from one with 8-12 foot.

  • For children over six

For having considered children’s growth and changeable heights, we think a trampoline which is 14 feet or bigger is most fit for your children. 

  • For children over eleven or adults

trampoline with a bigger size, like 14 feet or more, will match your need, and allowing teenagers and adults to jump on them.

Tips for improve trampoline’s safety

  • Choose and use the right size of trampoline

  • Choose a safe location to place the trampoline

  • Read the user manual carefully before use

  • Formulate trampoline rules

  • Supervise the use of trampoline

  • Carry out routine inspections of trampoline

The best age for children to play on trampoline is six. For the children who are under the age of six are better to act under the direct supervision of adults to reduce risk. Besides, choose suitable size of trampoline for children will also protect their activities on trampoline. 

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