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Are climbing walls profitable?

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With the public's pursuit of healthy living, more and more forms of fitness began to appear in daily life, climbing walls are also one of them, and with some challenging nature. As more and more people like to climb the wall, so investing in a climbing wall pavilion into the plan, then, is the climbing wall profitable?

You will know:

Climbing wall cost

How much profit can it earn?

Whether profitable


climbing wall

  • Climbing wall cost

In the end, how much does it cost to climb the wall? According to relevant information, the actual cost of climbing the wall pavilion will be related to many aspects. For example, when opening the pavilion, what standard climbing wall the investor used. In general, the higher the standard and quality of the climbing wall used, the higher the investment cost. In addition, investors need to purchase a variety of tools needed for climbing, purchase security equipment, etc., will inevitably generate expenses.

At the same time, during the budget opening period, the area of the climbing wall should also be considered by investors. This is because the cost of installation, decoration, maintenance, etc. of the climbing wall is calculated according to the area. If it is to accommodate more guests, the area of the climbing wall needs to be large, and the investment cost in this area will naturally Very high.

It is reported that the cost price of the general standard climbing wall will be around 3,000 yuan. If the climbing wall can accommodate 50 people for activities, the investment cost of the climbing wall is about 150,000 yuan. If you need to purchase a variety of safety facilities and equipment for rock climbing, it will cost about 200,000 yuan to simply climb the wall.

The cost of climbing walls depends not only on the geographical location of the climbing wall, but also on the amount of equipment, raw materials, and labor costs. In addition, the installation cost of the climbing wall, maintenance costs, etc., must also be included in the cost budget, avoiding the shortage of funds after use, affecting the normal business use.

  • How much profit can it earn?

From the cost of investing in climbing walls above:

One-time investment in climbing walls (including rock plates, steel frames, design and installation, and fulcrums and rock climbing equipment): 200,000 yuan. According to the ten-year use, the average annual cost is 20,000 yuan. Rock climbing equipment renewal fee: 10,000 yuan. The climbing project ensures the staff costs (two protectors): 20,000 yuan / year, 3 other employees. Cost of climbing the wall: according to 50,000 yuan / year.

Then calculate the operating income of the climbing wall project:

The pavilion is calculated for 10 hours per day, which is equivalent to 3 hours of full time. It is calculated by 5 people per hour. The fee is 50 yuan/person. The first year's income is: 15 person/day × 50 yuan/person × 30 days × December = 270,000 yuan The first year of gross profit: 27-2-2*5-1-5=9 (ten thousand yuan) Through data analysis, the climbing project can obtain a gross profit of 90,000 yuan per year.

Whether profitable

According to the cost of climbing the wall and the profit available, the right business can make money. However, it is very important in the early selection. If there is no choice, then there will be no money to earn in the later period.

Site selection. If there is not a good location, such as a place with limited traffic and few people, even if there is no good equipment, there is no way to get a profit without enough customers. On the contrary, in the center of the business district with a lot of people, the flow of people is enough. Even if the ticket is expensive, some people will accept and attract more customers, and the profit will naturally increase.

Equipment aspect. In the choice of equipment in the early stage, try to choose the quality enough to pass. Don't continue to repair equipment because of the inferior equipment, it is also a big expense. If there is a bigger security incident, then don't talk about profits, and you may lose money.

  • Conclusion

Among the fitness challenge sports projects, the emergence of the climbing pavilion, on the basis of consumer-driven, gradually showed home advantage. More and more people come here, as long as they can operate correctly, I believe that climbing the museum is still profitable. What is the guides for toddler indoor playground ?we will tell you next article.


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