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Are swings dangerous in an indoor playground?

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You can't push your child too hard when you let your child playing a swing,instead of letting them get really high and exciting, you will end up getting them into the hospital with a lash or brain injury.

So next time your child annoyingly asks you "higher, dad, higher", ignore their requests.This article is all about the truth of the swing dangers in an indoor playground.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  1. General knowledge about swings in an indoor playground

  2. Tips to keep swings safe in an indoor playground

1.  General knowledge about swings in an indoor playground

According to an analysis of more than 20,000 emergency patients, swings are the most common source of traumatic brain injury in children. Although fatalities in indoor playgrounds are rare--the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigated only 40 fatalities related to indoor playground equipment between 2001 and 2008--but most of the deaths that did occur were caused by strangulation, Narrowing is usually caused by a swinging chain. As a result, the indoor playground is not particularly dangerous, but if something in the park can cause serious damage, it is a swing. Sarah Denny, a pediatrician at the American Academy of Pediatrics, said in an interview: "Research is data-driven, so there are Investigate the typical mechanism of high mortality rather than the mechanism of low injury. "" Fortunately, there is no high probability of serious injury or death on a swing. "

In addition to traumatic brain injury and death, chiropractic therapist David A. Shapiro said that severe swings can also cause whiplashes. Shapiro told us like his father that he had treated many children who had injured their neck and spine due to swings of indoor playground. Young children are particularly vulnerable to whipping because their neck and shoulder muscles are underdeveloped and their heads are too large for their bodies. Shapiro said that these injuries usually don't appear in the injury data because they don't need to go to the hospital and cause minor injuries. "These symptoms may include neck pain, frequent neck stiffness, reduced range of activity, and headaches, but many children do not experience these symptoms," Shapiro explained to Father Magazine. , None of their injuries will be found. "

Keeping your child safe on the indoor playground means ensuring that there are no dangers, such as loose or uneven equipment, and safe surfaces, such as sand, rubber, or wood chips. But it's also important to take precautions on swings and use good old-fashioned common sense. "Carers should adjust their height to push the child so that the child can keep sitting on the swing, hold it with both hands, and not fall," Danny said. Shapiro added that if children climb too high, causing the swing chain to loosen, then this is definitely a sign that they are climbing too high, increasing the risk of traumatic brain injury.

2. Tips to keep swings safe in an indoor playground

One suggestion for the indoor playground equipment is to ensure that there are places for multiple game activities, such as slides and swing sets, and the slides will not exist before the swing. There must be at least 6 feet of gaming area around each device, and more importantly, there should be a distinction between active and quiet activities between each device. The following may be possible in private homes, but not suitable in public indoor playgrounds, because there may be multiple children playing on the public indoor playground at the same time. For example, a child attracted by a slide may run towards the slide while passing through the swing without realizing the danger of another child using the swing.

It is recommended to set the swing sets in their own container or in a separate area. This helps prevent children from being hit by the swing or the owner of the swing while running to other activities. Children's attention is often focused on their destination, rather than the dangers associated with the swing, as the swing passes through the air and bears the weight of the owner. Hitting a head on a swing can seriously harm a child and can even be fatal.

So you know swings can be very dangerous in an indoor playground and you should keep your children safe when playing it.


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