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Be Careful about Potential Safety Hazards of Indoor Playground Equipment

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"There are not many places for children to play now, so we have to take them to play in the indoor playground." Citizen Chen, whose son is 5 years old, often takes her child to play in the children's playground in the mall or supermarket. There are no large indoor amusement equipment, so she does not have to worry about whether the child wants to play or not.

At present, many large shopping malls or supermarkets have provided special places for children's activities, and set up facilities such as turning bucket music, ocean ball, cassia seed sand pile, etc., It is becoming the favorite place for children to visit during holidays. At the same time, many parents have doubts about the health and safety of these indoor playground facilities.

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The state of the playground is worrying

On weekends, many indoor children's playgrounds are overcrowded. With the advancement of business reform, all the shopping malls and supermarkets regard children's amusement as the standard project for investment attraction. In these children's playgrounds, plastic slides, swings, trampolines, plastic ball pools, wooden horses and various electronic amusement equipment and other entertainment facilities are available, attracting many parents to take their children to play, the business is quite prosperous.

Although there are health guidelines and entry requirements posted on the walls of the playground, children who come to play only need to remove their shoes and place them outside the playground before entering, and no other health threshold is seen. However, health, safety and access standards of different amusement places vary, and only a few public disinfection records are available.

Health and safety supervision is almost blank

It is understood that China has no special laws and regulations on the management of children's amusement parks. Therefore, the primary reason for the safety, health risks and other problems in children's play places is the lack of standards. At present, large amusement rides have national safety standards, while small children's amusement rides have no safety standards in terms of service or facilities. Supermarkets, shopping malls and other attached indoor children's amusement places do not have relevant safety regulations.

Public amusement parks, especially indoor amusement parks set up by large-scale shopping malls and catering institutions, are the main places where children's hand, foot and mouth disease and other diseases are spread. Toys and facilities in children's amusement parks are easy to breed various germs if they are not cleaned and disinfected timely because children often touch them.

It is suggested that parents should take their children to parks, squares and other outdoor public places to play. If the child must play in the indoor children's park, immediately after the play to take the child to wash their hands, in order to protect the child's health.

Lack of relevant laws and regulations is also the reason that the regulatory authorities and businesses can not refer to uniform standards of disinfection. With the coming of the "11 little holiday", more children will go to the amusement park to play, climb, catch and eat, and have close contact with the amusement facilities. The majority of parents hope that relevant regulations can be issued as soon as possible.


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