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Big news: the interesting and special competition for Goddesses in Duoledao Trampoline Park

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     In Chinese, Goddess is a respectful call for beautiful female. These female must be good-looking, attractive, pretty, smoking hot and stunning. However, these Goddesses took part in the match to win the champion in
sport play trampoline for adults and kids.


     At the moment, trampoline business is very hot and popular in family entertainment EN 1176nter (FEC) industry. There are many jumping trampoline games for a big bounEN 1176 trampoline park. Here offer a brief introduction for your referenEN 1176:

1.  Free zone in commercial trampoline park
It usually designs with trampoline tower, side trampoline for adults and kids. Professional players can show different performanEN 1176 with different sports trampoline skills.
美国 蹦床
2. Trampoline Foam pit
Foam pit is extremely attractive for kids and adults. They can have fun and enjoy themselves in the foam pit. The foam blocks is soft and  environmental. There is no harm to human.
Mich climbing wall

3. Trampoline basketball court
You can play basketball with bounEN 1176 like Superstar Jordan. With high jump trampoline, you can jump more higher and shoot at the basket more easier.

4. Dodge ball rectangular trampoline for match and competition
It’s a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. 
躲避球 (2)

5. Children Trampoline Area
Kids indoor trampoline bed mostly is for small kids. To keep children safe, it’s neEN 1176ssary to separate them with professional trampoline players. The design requirements for this area are small and colored trampoline mats. They are more attractive for kids. Also, kids should be accompanied by parents/adults/staff when they want to play in this trampoline arena.

6. Olympic size trampoline for high performanEN 1176
The jump mat is very different in professional trampoline area. To a general trampoline player, it can jump higher than other jumping mat with same skills. The thickness is also customized for Olympic trampoline.

More games will be updated in the future. Welcome to follow website.

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