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Breaking News: the first biggest franchise indoor amusement park open another 3 this month in China

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Bounce is a Chinese cooperation that operates a chain of trampoline and indoor playground parks. Headquartered in Guangzhou China, the company was founded in 2014. It has opened 6 big trampoline and indoor playground parks till now. All the equipments are designed, produced and installed by Mich Playground Co.,ltd.
1First Indoor playground equipment park with Mich newest pirate ship and slide opened in 2014 in Guangzhou.


2)Second Indoor playground park in Lanzhou, China in 2015. 

3)Third playground equipment and trampoline park in Foshan, China in 2015. Business is great and earn back all the invest in just 4 months. 

This June is an extraordinary and special month for Mich and Bounce, Mich helped them installed three big playground equipment parks in one month and opened successfully.
4)Fourth 1000sqm Indoor trampoline and kids playground center in Shenzhen.


5)Fifth 900sqm soft play equipment and indoor trampoline center in Xian.


6)Last Mich Newest indoor playground slide showed in Hunan. It is made of LLDPE plastic and can be any different beautiful designs as your demands. 

Mich as the only one supplier for Chinese First and Biggest Chain brand, can make customized designs for franchise playground and fitness trampoline. Welcome to contact us if you have any space need to make indoor playground and trampolines. We will provide best service at the first time. 


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