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Children are at a high risk of injury when they jump on Jumping Trampoline Bed

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Has your child ever played a jumping trampoline bed? The jumping trampoline bed has always been a favorite ride for children, but the growing number of children playing the jumping trampoline bed has caused parents to worry about the safety of their children on a trampoline. Some parents choose a solution that does not allow children to play on a trampoline. But in fact, trampoline exercise does cause big or small damage to children in many cases, but as long as there are corresponding protective measures, this kind of fun is still for children to try.


Why do kids like jumping on Jumping Trampoline Bed

The danger of trampoline

Children's attention

Parents' protective measures


1、Why do kids like jumping on Jumping Trampoline Bed

1)The feeling of free body emptiness is really irresistible

2)Jumping and tumbling on a jumping trampoline bed can be fun

3)The trampoline movement is very in line with the psychological characteristics of children's entertainment and sports.

4)You can experience a bit of fun on a jumping trampoline bed, so the child is happy to jump on the trampoline for a long time. And because the trampoline is cushioned, it doesn't consume too much physical strength at all. The high interest also makes the children more heated to love the trampoline park.

5)Can lose weight, but also exercise, so this project will be fire.

6)Nowadays, many families have only one child, and each child is very unique. Usually, they don't have their own little friends. But in the inflatable trampoline, they can play with some children. There are more children. Naturally, everyone is more fun.

7)Bright colors, exciting and fun

2、The danger of trampoline

1)When a child bounces on a jumping trampoline bed, the direction and extent of the upward movement of the trampoline will change due to the randomness of the center of gravity when the child jumps up. It is difficult for the child to ensure that each bounce can withstand gravity vertically. If the center of gravity is slightly skewed and the spine is out of control, the child will fall and the spine, joints, ligaments, etc. may be damaged.

2)2, when the child plays the trampoline, it is easy to reduce the self-protection awareness of the organ.

3)Oscillation may cause damage to internal organs that have not yet developed well, especially to the brain.

4)4, children playing trampoline, it is easy to fall the joints of various parts, in addition to the cervical vertebrae, elbows, palms, fingers, ankles and other parts are also very vulnerable

5)5. No fixed device. These bouncy castles, although equipped with locks for mounting fixtures, are all idle.

6)6. Regulatory vacuum. Inflatable castles are not high-altitude, high-speed amusement facilities. They are not applicable to the "Safety Regulations for Recreation Facilities". At present, there is no corresponding standard. The quality of products is not guaranteed, and supervision has become a problem.

7)7, too many people, easy to cause stamping accidents.

3、Children's attention

1)It is strictly forbidden to use a trampoline

2)Especially crazy children who are away from playing

3)Can't play while eating

4)Try to play in the middle of the trampoline

5)Play a trampoline with a protective net

6)Indoor trampoline is best

7)Can't wear jewelry to play

4、Parents' protective measures

Parents should pay attention to the quality, size, convenience and flexibility of collection and use, and other factors when purchasing a household jumping trampoline bed.

When children play indoor trampolines, keep indoor air fresh and do not blow cool air (using electric fans or air conditioners).

The trampoline should be placed away from the window (if living in the upper floors of the building) and furniture, and keep the distance of more than half a meter from the wall. Don't let the children jump too high when jumping. Child health experts believe that trampolines are not as good as skipping ropes. Skipping is a kind of whole body exercise. It is often practiced to enhance the functions of the lungs, blood vessels and heart, so that the muscles of the arms, chest and legs are developed, which is beneficial to the bodybuilding of young children. Appropriate pressure on the bones and joints of the lower limbs when landing can also help promote the growth of bone tissue.

An ankle guard can be prepared for the child. The ankle guard is a lightweight ankle-protective orthosis for patients who often have an ankle sprain, an ankle ligament injury, and ankle instability. It can effectively cushion the ankle during exercise, which can limit the left and right movements of the ankle, prevent the sprain caused by the internal and external valgus of the ankle, and relieve the pressure on the injured part of the ankle.

Only one person can be on a trampoline at a time

Properly placed a good protective pad on the trampoline

Check all equipment frequently

Repair or replacement of the protective mat, mesh cover and any other parts

If it is an outdoor jumping trampoline bed

1)Not fixed with an iron chain

2)4 or more windy days do not play

3)Too many people inflated castles do not play

4)Unreliable entertainment venues don't play


In short, although the jumping trampoline bed will bring danger to the children, as long as the protective measures are taken, the frequency of accidents can be minimized. Why should the children lose the pleasure they desire? It is better to let them fly freely and guard his wings.

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