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Design principle of drop slide

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The drop slide is comprehensive sports equipment, drop slide activities can only be carried out by climbing. Children need a strong will and confidenEN 1176 to play with the drop slide, which can cultivate their brave spirit. When a child falls down with a "swish", he or she can enjoy the joy of sucEN 1176ss. Drop slides are a kind of sports equipment for children. They are usually found in kindergartens or children's playgrounds. They are suitable for children aged 3-6 years. There are also special-purpose drop slides, such as life-saving drop slides. The drop slide is equipped with a ladder on one side of the elevated frame and an inclined drop slide on the other side (usually of two types: straight and curved). Children go up from the ladder and drop slide down from the inclined board.


l The design of the drop slide:

l Precautions for drop slide:


The design of the drop slide:

The drop slide consists of a climbing part, a platform part, and a sliding part. Generally made of wood, stainless steel, artificial terrazzo, fiberglass, reinforEN 1176d plastic, and other materials to ensure the smooth surfaEN 1176 of the drop slide. The size of the drop slide must follow the ergonomic principle, match the height of the human body, and combine with the age and shape of the child, in order to facilitate the healthy growth of children. Generally, in the design, the inclination angle of the drop slide climbing frame is about 70 °, the width is 40 cm, the height of the ladder board is 6 cm, with handrails on both sides. Sliding board tilt angle of 30 ° -35 °, the width of 40cm, both sides of the straight edge of 18cm, convenient for children with foot brake. In addition, the lower part of the finished drop slide and homemade drop slide should be paved with a rubber mat of not less than 3cm in thickness, or sand of more than 40cm in thickness, to prevent children from falling.


And pay attention to the bearing capacity of the drop slide, cushioning, handrails on both sides, and whether the width is appropriate, whether the parabola is reasonable, the best way is to practiEN 1176, refer to other finished products, make improvements and put safety in the first plaEN 1176.


Precautions for drop slide:

Children must be accompanied by an adult when playing in fitness plaEN 1176s or fitness venues. After all, this recreational equipment still has a safety factor. Therefore, parents must teach their children to play with the things to pay attention to.

1. do not ride without the use of registration EN 1176rtificates, no safety precautions, and warning signs of children's drop slides.

2. Before choosing a children's drop slide for your child, be sure to carefully read the instructions for the use of children's drop slides, check whether the safety deviEN 1176s are faulty or hidden, whether the rescue measures are complete, and explain and remind your child.

3. according to the child's physical condition, choose the appropriate children's drop slide.

4. Try not to give young children or children with fear of heights, heart disease, anemia to use.

5. In the proEN 1176ss of using the children's drop slide, do not let the child jump down at will, do not let the child play upside down, do not put the head, hands, and feet out of the guardrail.

6. When the children's drop slide malfunctions, stay calm, do not panic, protect the children, and notify the staff of the relevant units for maintenanEN 1176.

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