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Different Types of Trampoline Park

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Because of the rise of trampoline games, more and more people want to participate. Most of the beginning of the rise was a small area dedicated to children. Adults of different ages also want to go to the trampoline park to release their pressure, and the trampoline park is more and more affordable in the development.

You should know:

What is a trampoline park

trampoline park types 

Can adults go to trampoline park

What is a trampoline park?


A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched between a steel frame using many coiled springs. People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes.

In 1959 and 1960 it became very popular to have outdoor commercial "jump centres" or "trampoline parks" in many places in North America where people could enjoy recreational trampolining. However, these tended to have a high accident rate, and the public's interest rapidly waned.

These trampoline parks are located indoors, and have wall-to wall-trampolines to prevent people falling off the trampolines on to hard surfaces. Padded or spring walls protect people from impact injuries. 

Trampoline Park Types 

There are many types of games in the trampoline park for different needs and people of different ages. Here are the different types of games in the trampoline park.


Participate in the trampoline challenge competition and compete with your friends and become the first. Traditionally, this game should be combined with the basketball court because its basic rules also apply to trampoline sports.

Rebound "war"

Like the HORSE game, the bounce game may theoretically involve some tricks. But unlike HORSE games, the real bounce battle is a pure endurance game. In the case of trampoline games, rebounding games tend to be more competitive.

Simon said

Another traditional game can be used in trampoline sports. “Simon says” is an excellent way to exercise for teenagers who want to train their strength and hone their concentration skills. Simon said, "Then they are out! Hold on to the last person to win the final victory!"

Dodge game

Dodging the ball is clearly one of the best trampoline games. The trampoline avoidance ball is more interesting than the traditional dodgeball because it requires more hand-eye coordination and space recognition. No longer simply jumping and hitting your target.

Dunk movement

The trampoline game is no better than the slam dunk challenge. You can practice some soft moves or play basketball.

Hot potato

For whatever reason, "hot potato" has always been a favorite game for children. I still can't figure out what the reason is, but maybe my imagination has really made me believe that the ball is hot. An added benefit of the trampoline park is to make sure the game is fun.

Fighting dance

We all know that trampolines are tricky and dancing on a trampoline is also fun. As a result, many trampoline parks set Friday as the day of the dance, where our guests can enjoy the best time and trampoline time.

Can adults go to trampoline park

The trampoline is not only suitable for children to play, but also suitable for adults aged 18 to 40. It is especially suitable for computer and office workers. Women who have no skills can jump half an hour in the trampoline park to achieve weight loss.

In the trampoline park, the main exercise is cardiopulmonary function, and you can also exercise the balance of the brain. Nowadays, the urban population is facing more and more time with the computer, and the trampoline is a whole body exercise, which can mobilize the whole body muscles, which is very suitable for the leisure work of the working class now.

In the eyes of many people, the movement of the trampoline is relatively simple, and it can only be repeated on the trampoline. However, as a recreational activity, the trampoline can also be combined with a number of sports. For example, in a trampoline park, basketball can be combined to realize a trampoline bounce. This is a sport that adults really like and fit.

However, general trampoline parks do not allow people with certain conditions to enter, such as: heart disease, severe hypertension or other people who are not suitable for strenuous exercise. At the same time, for safety reasons, people who exceed 120KG are generally not allowed to enter the trampoline area.

After years of development, the trampoline park has become a network sports venue that more young people are pursuing. It has become an indispensable fitness and entertainment place after the gym. Some colleagues and classmates have a new choice, and the dreams of adults can be dreamed here!


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