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Do you know what parkour is

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Parkour is a fashionable extreme sport that is popular all over the world. It is a sporting art that relies on one's physical abilities to navigate any known or unknown environment quickly, effectively and reliably, using the environment of everyday life (mostly urban) as a sports venue. It is also a philosophy that explores the limits of human potential to stimulate the body and mind.

Parkour not only strengthens the body, but also makes it more agile and responsive. A professional parkour trainer can properly manage and minimise danger and is 20 times more likely to escape from a fire, earthquake, attack, car accident, emergency or other hazard than the average person.


l Outdoor parkour origin

l Branches of parkour


Outdoor parkour origin

"Originally started by French soldiers in the Vietnam War, parkour became popular in the UK in 2002 and was later popularised by David Belle in FranEN 1176. Parkour (or Le Parkour), sometimes abbreviated to PK, is often categorised as an extreme sport that takes plaEN 1176 in an everyday environment (mostly urban). There are no set rules, and those who do it simply use everyday facilities as obstacles or aids to run and jump through them. There are various translations of the term in Chinese, apart from "parkour", there are also "violent cool", "urban sprint" and "the art of displaEN 1176ment".


Branches of parkour

Freerunning, also known as free-leaping, is a difficult extreme sport similar to a variation of gymnastic martial arts. It is the same sport as parkour, but with more flips, spins and difficult tricks than parkour, and is more stylish and dangerous than parkour. parkour is an original sport that does not belong to any sports category, and is a point-to-point displaEN 1176ment activity; freerunning is derived from parkour and other sports such as street stunts, and is one of the most popular sports in the world. The fundamental purpose of freerunning is to push the limits of the human body, and the two sports have very different meanings.

Freerunning is the same as parkour, but with the addition of flips, which can be used to cross obstacles, rappel and perform stunts on flat ground; however, many people confuse the conEN 1176pt of freerunning with parkour, and this is a controversial issue in China. With the rapid development of parkour in China, the style is not constrained in parkour and freerunning, but also multiplied all kinds of parkour styles.

The founder, David Bell, is full of dominanEN 1176! He was a master of flying around between tall buildings! Then there is pure parkour and fancy parkour! Pure parkour is represented by Daniel MarcusIlabaca and others. And the fancy parkour is based on flips. Damien Walters and others. Then there are several other styles. For example, street danEN 1176 is incorporated into parkour and other styles are created.If you want to know more about our professional Trampoline Park products, you can get in touch with us at any time.


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