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Does trampoline park burn calories

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The current trampoline movement is not only a paradise for children to play, but adults can also relax and exercise in the trampoline park. Trampoline exercise can drive the whole body to exercise. Unlike the usual fitness equipment, doing the same exercise can only perform activities on a certain part. Therefore, the trampoline park has become a relaxation and weight loss exercise after white-collar work because it can burn calories.


What is a trampoline park

Can trampoline park help you burn calories

Altitude of a trampoline park

What is a trampoline park 

Trampoline park originated in the United States and quickly swept the world. Trampoline park is a free trampoline, slam dunk, dodgeball, bubble football area, flip zone, sponge pool area, fighting stick, climbing wall, spider tower, spider wall / sticky wall, parkour, professional trampoline area, ninja road , Russian turntable project, naughty castle, devil slide, EPP building blocks, quality development, inflatable bag, labyrinth trampoline, dry snow slide, zip line project, lameness, volcanic rock climbing, marine ball pool, pat, VR, archery and other games The project is an indoor playground.

Can trampoline park help you burn calories

Compared to regular sports such as jogging, trampolines are a more energy-consuming way to burn calories. Because of the movement on the unstable plane of the trampoline, the body mobilizes all core muscle groups, especially the abdominal muscles.

Doing 10 minutes of trampoline fitness burning fat is equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Compared with jogging, another major advantage of trampoline fitness is that it does not feel tired, such as changing from a large consumption to a simple left and right jump, which also allows different body parts to exercise. Professionals say that even walking in trampoline park is more fat burning than on the ground, because of the unstable plane on the trampoline, "you can mobilize all core muscle groups, especially the abdominal muscles." Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation, and prevent symptoms such as obesity.

Altitude of a trampoline park

The height required for the indoor trampoline park is the leveling of the site, with a height standard of 5 meters, which is the ground level to the underside of the site or the lowest point below the pipe. Of course, this is only the height required for the basic trampoline game. If there are more functional items added in the venue, of course, the required height is also different.

For a simple example: the dry snow slide project. A special kind of slide is laid on the slope, and the high-strength modified engineering plastic floor mat uses the gravity formed by the height difference to experience the fun of skiing without natural snow.  The dry snow slide has two heights: 6.5m or 6m. The length is 16m. Plus the length of the inflatable cushion, the total length is 24m. That is to say, the slippage is 6m high! So the minimum height of the venue needs 8 meters! In general, the height of an indoor trampoline park is as high as possible, and the higher the venue of the second lift will make the customer feel that the interior is not depressed.

Like our common basic equipment in the trampoline park, trampoline function items such as diving sponge pool and trampoline slam dunk need to reach a certain height. The design, for example, the standard height of the diving sponge pool should reach 5 meters to be placed, and the height required for the professional trampoline in the Olympic Games will reach 8 meters or more. Of course, this is the height that professional players can reach, and like us. Some of the people I usually see in the trampoline are amateur trampoline enthusiasts, so the height we need for the indoor trampoline is correspondingly reduced, and it can be designed to reach 4.5 meters.

However, for outdoor trampoline park, in order to ensure the safety of general projects, generally no more than five meters. If you invest a lot in safety, you can increase it in moderation. Generally, the outdoor trampoline park is not as large as the indoor trampoline park.

Are you now a little bit more fat when you eat a little? Or is it because of busy work and no time to exercise? We need such exciting projects to reduce fat. The trampoline park allows you to get rid of your body fat during the fun, does it sound cool? Come and try it.

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