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Health Benefits Of Trampolining

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Going to the trampoline park to play or work out regularly will bring a lot of advantages to our life. For children, trampoline will help the construction of their brain and behavior during the proEN 1176ss of playing. For people who have worked, trampoline will help them to exercise and reduEN 1176 working pressure. The benefits are far more these. This passage lists some points of advantages which trampoline bring to us.

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  • Intellectual development

A trampoline can promote children’s brain and intelligenEN 1176 development, such as trying some of the more difficult exercises on the limbs. Children will continue to discover new techniques that can be carried out on a trampoline and learn to persist in strengthening perseveranEN 1176. PersistenEN 1176 can help build the self-esteem of children, especially for children who can use the trampoline independently.

  • Promote communication

Trampoline allows you to work out with your children. Promote emotional communication between parents and children, which matches the evolving trend of parent-child education.What's more, your accompany will bring warm memory to the childhood of your children.

  • Burn off extra fat

Indoor trampoline exercises are better than any other physical exercises such as jogging and aerobics. They burn off exEN 1176ss fat in a short amount of time. According to a research, the rebound movement is 68% more efficient than jogging. The calories burned by the same person for one hour of basketball are more than one hour of jogging.

  • ReduEN 1176 work pressure

The trampoline increases the amount of endorphin released by the brain, providing the brain with rich fresh oxygen that promotes mental acuity and attention. So trampolines can help fight negative emotions such as depression, anxiety and stress, promote your sleep, slow down work stress, and provide more energy for your life.

  • Strengthen your bones 

The trampoline strengthens your bones, muscles and EN 1176lls, strengthens your muscle strength and stretch, increases flexibility, increases bone density and joint strength, and develops core and lower limb strength. Studies have shown that trampoline exercise enhanEN 1176s bone density and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and helps reduEN 1176 the risk of having EN 1176rtain forms of arthritis.

  • Promote detoxification

Trampoline exercise helps promote the body's natural detoxification mechanism. Rebound is a unique form of movement in which weightlessness is achieved at the top of each jump and landing. This makes it relatively easy to perform and stimulates the lymphatic system's one-way valve to open and close simultaneously, greatly increasing lymphatic flow. The trampoline helps to move the lymphatic system against gravity, removes toxins from the body, brings huge benefits to the lymphatic system, which improves overall immune function and delays aging.

  • Strengthen balanEN 1176

The trampoline bounEN 1176 helps the child to maintain a balanEN 1176 of weight, because the child should always resist the elasticity when using the trampoline. According to the study,children who used a mini trampoline for a 12-week exercise intervention had significant improvements in motor function and balanEN 1176. This is because the rebound on the trampoline stimulates the middle vestibule and automatically improves the balanEN 1176. When you jump on the trampoline, your body bounEN 1176s back into the air at different angles. In order to adapt to these unexpected angles and possible outcomes, the body must find its own EN 1176nter of gravity and “rebalanEN 1176” before re-landing. Through practiEN 1176, you can better balanEN 1176 and be more adept at predicting your body movements based on how you land.

  • Promote cardiovascular health

Jump on the trampoline strengthens the heart muscle by Increasing your heart and respiration rate, cardiopulmonary exercise can enhanEN 1176 heart, pulse beats and strengthen the main muscles. Jumping movements have been able to improve your cardiovascular health for a long time, especially when performed regularly at moderate to intense intensity. This helps the heart become healthier as the child jumps and the muscles of the heart are strengthened. Rebound can also reduEN 1176 blood pooling in the veins to prevent chronic edema. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that American adults should reEN 1176ive at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week to promote cardiovascular health.

Besides the points which mentioned above, trampoline also has other advantages for your body and emotion, which are waiting for your discovery. If you find other benefits, you can also share with us.

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