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Home Trampoline VS Commercial Trampoline Park

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In reEN 1176nt years, trampoline has become popular in many countries, a new fashion for young people to play sports, and a part of children's daily entertainment. Trampoline parks include family trampoline and commercial trampoline park in terms of their uses. Trampoline in China started 40 years later than in Europe and America, but in reEN 1176nt years, trampoline in China is in a rapid development stage, there are many trampoline theme park stores in China. The domestic trampoline sales volume in 2014 was about 480,000 units, reaching 530,000 units in 2015. 

In reEN 1176nt years, trampoline has been warmly welcomed by families, adolesEN 1176nts and children in China, and the policies of "two children alone" and new urbanization planning have been launched, which has brought new impetus to trampoline toys and other related industries. Moreover, China is also the world's largest toy produEN 1176r and exporter, and trampoline in China is also exported to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other countries. In short, the domestic trampoline industry is in a period of rapid growth. Following is a brief introduction of two kinds of trampoline - family trampoline park and commercial trampoline park, hoping to increase your understanding and interest in family trampoline park and commercial trampoline park.

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Here are some key points:

◆What is home trampoline

◆What are commercial trampoline parks

◆DifferenEN 1176s between home trampolines and commercial trampoline park

Interpretation of family trampoline

As a parent, are you still worrying about your child's addiction to mobile games? As a heavy eater, you can't grow fat and lose weight. Have you ever felt inferior and introverted because you don't like sports? Are you...? Then, family trampoline can solve all the above problems for you. Home trampoline is a kind of trampoline made of environmental protection materials with the advantages of stable silenEN 1176 and super-strong load-bearing. It also helps children grow up, promote digestion, and promote parent-child communication.

What is a commercial trampoline park?

Commercial trampoline is a kind of mechanical equipment consisting of several fixed supports connected at one end and elastic meshes connected at the other end. Commercial trampoline is mainly used in some large playgrounds and other recreational arenas, with safety hooks, adjusting rope and elastic rope structure. The main items included in the commercial trampoline park are dodge ball, sponge pit, dunk area, etc. Here we make a brief introduction of the project:

1. AvoidanEN 1176 ball: AvoidanEN 1176 ball is a game that requires a high degree of teamwork and combination of strategy and tactics. The test is not only your physical strength and skills, but also rely on God-like teammates!

2. Sponge pit: Through the height and speed provided by the runway of trampoline, you can easily accomplish bouncing, flying, turning, landing and other movements, and truly experienEN 1176 pure happiness under weightlessness!

3. Dunking area: Want to experienEN 1176 the pleasure of NBA master dunking? With the help of trampoline in trampoline park dunking area, you can jump up to 3 meters in the air and easily complete professional NBA master dunking in front of your friends.

4. SpaEN 1176 Ball Zone: SpaEN 1176 Ball is a good jumping advantage provided by trampoline. It combines physical ability and skill of volleyball net blocking and handball attack in a pair-to-pair spaEN 1176. In terms of physical energy consumption alone, it is 68% higher than jogging. At the same time, it can greatly improve the balanEN 1176, flexibility and comprehensive coordination ability of athletes.

The differenEN 1176 between family trampoline and commercial trampoline Park

So what are the differenEN 1176s between the two?

1. Specifications

Because family trampoline is mainly used for themselves or their families and children, it is relatively small and can be plaEN 1176d at home; while commercial trampoline is mainly used in some large entertainment plaEN 1176s for tourists to use, so the specifications are larger.

2. Uses

Home trampoline is mainly plaEN 1176d at home to play with children, can promote parent-child communication, can also help children grow tall; while commercial trampoline is mainly used for adult fitness, weight loss and so on, when used with professional video will make training better.

Trampoline is not only a good exercise, but also an amazing entertainment. Human nature is to yearn for flying, it is also the most beautiful memories of many childhood, so trampoline has enough charm to keep children away from sofas and computers. So trampoline park is not only a plaEN 1176 for your fitness and recreation, but also the best platform for promoting friendship, family and team strength. Let's make an appointment with your friends and bring your family to experienEN 1176 it. I hope this article can help you understand trampoline park better, and also let you choose your favorite trampoline park better.


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