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How Do You Clean And Maintain Kids Amusement Playground

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Now children like to go to the kids amusement park, in which they can have fun and relax the stress of study. And with the increase of kids amusement park, many parents also like to take their children to the kids amusement park to relax their mind and body, but as the number of people increases, it can also lead to germs, so cleaning and maintenance of kids amusement park is essential. Next I will show you how to clean and maintain the children's amusement park.

Here are the content list:

  • Routine cleaning

  • Daily check

  • Clean up after a body fluid accident

Routine cleaning

First, you need to often wipe the surface of the game device in kids amuseent park to make it look best. For most coated metal and plastic sensory materials, wiping with wet cloth and mild detergents is good. Soft brushes can be used to remove dirt from plastic, enter gaps and clean ropes. It is important not to use paper towels on any surfaces that may be scratched, such as domes and windows, and to avoid any abrasive scrubbers unless your pleasure equipment instructions specify that these cleaning methods are safe. For windows, ammonia-free window cleaners are recommended.

Then, wash the game device in kids amuseent park with wet cloth or soapy water every week. 

  • Soap and water: it is recommended to wash dishes with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Use about 2 tablespoons plus a gallon of water. Do not use degreasing agents on any plastics, domes or windows.

  • Soft cloth: clean, absorbent cotton cloth is best used for cleaning. Never use a tissue on a dome or window. It cuts and passivates the surface. 

  • Soft brush: use a clean, soft brush to clean ropes and mesh, and remove dust and debris from plastic. Do not use bleach, chlorine or other chemicals that may degrade or passivate plastics. 

  • Soft Playground

But there's more. Most dust accumulates where children play least. Think of the areas under the trampoline, the inaccessible areas, and the less used corners. Remember to add these to the weekly cleaning wheel. Another tip to make cleaning easier: a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Use the power cord no longer annoyed, use a wireless vacuum cleaner quickly and flexibly clean.

Daily check

The ground and equipment of the kids amuseent park shall be inspected every day for health and safety hazards. Carefully check the waste, cullet and other dangerous goods and debris. Other issues to be examined include deliberate destruction or other signs of improper use of the playground area. The inspection shall include a playground equipment and a considerable peripheral area, including any facilities that the child may use at the time of play. If kids amuseent park has a loose surface with a sand box or cover, it is important to carefully check the hidden danger. When looking for debris, be aware of natural disasters. Like garbage, new natural hazards may appear overnight. Find anything that may cause harm to children, such as exposed roots, loose rocks and sharp branches. The proper drainage is another key component of a safe and clean kids amuseent park. The surface of water and water that is not properly drained causes concern as they may lead to disease and injury. Do not forget to check the surface for potential damage when checking the ground. Verify that the child has a soft landing area without tripping hazards. Regular surface treatment is important because, depending on the surface type of kids amuseent park, the part may be loose or scattered over time.

Clean up after a body fluid accident

If the child vomits or relieves itself in any way, clear the fluid immediately. Blood, urine, feces or vomit may contain dangerous infectious diseases and you don't want other children to get sick. Close the area where the incident occurred so that you and your employees tend to have an accident. Very similar to pre-disinfection, wipe the area with warm soap before disinfection. Always follow the instructions on the disinfectant label before using.

These are the basic ways to clean and maintain kids amuseent park. Follow these guidelines in order to keep kids amuseent park clean, complete and safe. If you have any questions, please contact us and we look forward to your call.


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