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How Much Does It Cost to Install Indoor Playground Equipment?

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The cost of indoor playgrounds varies based on various factors such as location, size of the playground, activity levels, complexity of design and theme and shipping.

Indoor playground equipment is available in many priEN 1176 ranges and can be large or theme indoor playgrounds structures, small depending on your available area and budget. Indoor playgrounds are fastened to your existing floor, presenting an easier installation.


The cost of indoor amusement park equipment should be determined according to the equipment items in your shop. At present, common indoor toddler amusement park equipment are children naughty Fort, Zhiyong big pass, Cassio sand pool, projection slide, projection ball project, and so on.


Roughly speaking, the cost of amusement equipment, on average, is about 500 to 1, 000 square, that is, 100 square meters of children's playground equipment should be controlled between 5 to 100000, 200 square control between 10 to 200000. This is more cost-effective, of course, the actual choiEN 1176 of children's recreational equipment or according to market conditions to decide.

 children's amusement park equipment

As for the cost of kids indoor playground, first of all, you have to determine the venue. The manufacturer designs the playground in the room according to the size diagram of your site. Because of the various priEN 1176s of the equipment in the naughty castle, such as electric, manual, Inflatable and other priEN 1176s are different, less tens of thousands of yuan, hundreds of thousands of dollars and so on.


From putting equipment into another area, such as site rent and site decoration costs, of course, the most important thing is how much you invest to determine the size of the site area, whether the location of the site and whether the decoration is exquisite or simple, all of which can be adjusted. Use this money to make the most of it. For multi-level structure indoor playground, the cost can soar to as high as $400 one square meter. This is not accurate budget, it is referential for you.

On a sliding scale based on play-ability, you can expect to pay from $700 - $1,200 per child capacity. For example, if you need an indoor playground that can handle 50 children at one time, on the lower, inexpensive end it could run $35 - $40,000 and on the higher end $55 - $65,000.


An indoor playground can vary in priEN 1176 depending on the size and equipment selection. An infant spaEN 1176 with a ramp will cost around $1,690, while a full adventure set with slides, tubes, and ramps can cost from $37,985 to $55,525. The installation of kids' indoor playground equipment is relatively quick and easy.

children playground equipment

Fit your budget. With numerous financing options, budget-friendly priEN 1176s and a range of product choiEN 1176s to suit every priEN 1176 point, Soft Play makes it possible for you to buy the indoor playground equipment you've always wanted.


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