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How do you build an outdoor climbing wall at home?

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Climbing will increase your self-confidence; improve our entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate a positive spirit; exercise a sense of balance; enhance physical fitness, exercise flexibility and coordination. So we have to climb a lot. This time of course you need a climbing wall. With a climbing wall, we don't need to go to the wild, it's safe, and it doesn't pose a lot of danger. The current climbing wall can be built in your own home. If you can't build it at home, you can go to the climbing hall. Very convenient, there will be professional staff to help you.

Content list of this article:

  What is a climbing wall?

  The benefits of the climbing wall

  How to build the climbing wall?


What is a climbing wall? 

The artificial climbing wall is assembled from hundreds of rock plates of less than 1 square meter. The rock plates can be assembled into different inclinations for climbing difficulty, such as the various rock states seen in nature such as the bent wall, the eaves, and the straight wall, which are fixed on the bracket to create various spatial shapes.

The benefits of the climbing wall 

  Rock climbing will increase your self-confidence. In the process of climbing on the climbing wall, you will encounter rock blocks of different sizes and different pivot points. If we persist, it will give us a lot of confidence if we climb hard and climb to the top.

  Improve our entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate a positive spirit. The climbing process is very hard. To overcome your own gravity, you have to insist on it. There will be the idea of retreating or refueling. Choose to go up and reach the summit to stimulate our initiative.

  Rock climbing exercise balance.. Walking on the rock wall requires a high level of balance, so long-term exercise will definitely come out.

  Rock climbing can enhance physical fitness and exercise flexibility and coordination. When climbing, it is necessary to use the strength of hands and feet to resist gravity, which will greatly help the development of muscle groups. Physical coordination and eye myopia are beneficial.

How to build the climbing wall? 

  Step 1: Select the support and build the steel frame.

Support is a structure that erects a wall. You can usually build your rock wall as a foundation for support using existing aircraft, walls and eaves. Typical structures include vertical, horizontal and some space that can be attached to the diagonal support of the cover. The steel frame is welded to the wall according to the pre-designed shape and angle.

  Step 2: Select the cover and install rock.

The lid is a material that climbers can climb very much. Most of the materials used as wall coverings are multilayer boards of 30 px thick or thicker. This suitable splint is sufficient for climbing walls. Medium density fiberboard can also be used in special cases. The rock plates are connected to the steel frame by screws and, after completion, drill holes in the rock plates to prepare the rock points.

  Step 3: Process the rock plate and install the rock points.

The rock surface can be applied from a panel without any treatment to a coating that coats the wood splint with a polymer. Adjustable position rocks can be purchased from outdoor stores or wood, stone or resin. Each rock point is secured to the cover by a T-nut with a 10 mm screw. The number of T nuts should be greater than the number of rock points, providing more options for route settings.

  Step 4: Beautify your climbing wall and add a boulder mat.

Add some logs or cartoon shapes to the bouldering wall and pay attention to the color matching. You can even use rock to create your favorite patterns on the rock wall. The bouldering pad costs very little. You can choose a sponge or foam. If you are not good, you can replace it with an old mattress.


Rock climbing has so many benefits, so we should climb a lot. If you don't want to go to the wild, fear the danger, you can choose a climbing wall. You can build a climbing wall at home or go climbing in a rock climbing hall. This will not only exercise yourself, but also save a lot of trouble and reduce the danger.

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