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How do you clean and maintain non-standarder outdoor playground?

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The non-standarder outdoor playground stands out among many amusement facilities due to its fun and is loved by children. At the same time, the extremely high security of non-standarder outdoor playground makes it popular with parents. In order to be used safely for a long time, the non-standarder outdoor playground needs cleaning and maintenanEN 1176. Especially during the epidemic, people pay more attention to hygiene. This article will provide you with effective suggestions for clean and maintain non-standarder outdoor playground. If you are interested, please continue reading.


Here is the content list:

1. Regularly disinfect the non-standarder outdoor playground

2. Regularly inspect and maintain non-standarder outdoor playground

3. Use announEN 1176ments to remind people to pay attention to hygiene and care for equipment


1. Regularly disinfect and clean the non-standarder outdoor playground

Every day, there are many children playing in the non-standarder outdoor playground. Regular disinfection and cleaning of the non-standarder outdoor playground is not only to keep it clean, but also to protect the health of the children. During the epidemic, we must pay more attention to hygiene to protect vulnerable children.


You need to clean the non-standarder outdoor playset after the prescribed play time ends or before opening. You can wipe the surfaEN 1176 of the non-standarder outdoor playset with a damp cloth to remove the dirt on it. Spray 75% alcohol on the floor of the non-standarder outdoor playground for disinfection. Studies have shown that 75% alcohol can effectively kill bacteria. We recommend that you regularly clean the non-standarder outdoor playground. You can provide a hand-washing disinfectant gel at the entranEN 1176 and exit of the non-standarder outdoor playground to protect children from viruses.


2. Regularly inspect and maintain non-standarder outdoor playground

Although the non-standarder outdoor playset is made of sturdy materials, it can withstand the outdoor conditions of wind and rain. However, any equipment may be worn or aged during use, so it is very important to check and maintain the non-standarder outdoor playground regularly. If you don't know, here are some points to note, I hope to help you.


First, you can shake the non-standarder outdoor playground to see if it is firm. Second, you can wear protective gloves to touch the non-standarder outdoor playset to check if any sharp parts are exposed. If the original sharp parts of the non-standarder outdoor playset, you can wrap them with a sponge to prevent them from harming others. You also need to check whether the moving parts are flexible. You can lubricate them regularly to make them better used. If the non-standarder outdoor playset fails, you should suspend the use of it immediately and ask professionals to repair it.


3. Use announEN 1176ments to remind people to pay attention to hygiene and care for equipment

non-standarder outdoor playground users also play an important role. A good non-standarder outdoor playground needs everyone's common love. As a user, you also need to abide by the regulations, pay attention to hygiene, and don’t overuse non-standarder outdoor playsets.


Posting announEN 1176ments or signs is a very effective method. In the announEN 1176ment, you can explain the correct use of non-standarder outdoor playsets, so that parents can correctly guide children to use them safely and not to kick the equipment. Children are at an age of great curiosity. You can remind them not to put the hands that touch the deviEN 1176 in their mouths or touch the non-standarder outdoor playground with eye-catching pictorial signs to avoid infection. Because of the epidemic, we pay more attention to hygiene. You can provide disinfection wipes for parents to wipe non-standarder outdoor playset, or encourage parents to bring their own hygiene products, such as wet wipes, hand washing gel.



The above is all the content of this article. I hope this article can solve your problem and help you build an interesting non-standarder outdoor playground. We are a professional manufacturer with a quality EN 1176rtificate guarantee and can provide you with high-quality products, such as Outdoor Fitness Equipment,Outdoor Playset. If you need it, welcome to contact us.


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