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How do you clean indoor playground equipment?

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The indoor playground is the best place for children to unleash their imagination and gain happiness. In an ordinary kids indoor playground, children can have great fun while playing different equipment. Simple and fun ball pits, magic slides, role-playing, and social activities can meet children's various expectations. However, children and parents often wander around indoor playground, lurking with thousands of bacteria. If your game center is messy and looks dirty, customers will turn around and leave without hesitation, otherwise they won't come back.

The following are the tips of how to clean the indoor playground:

  •  Read the manual of the equipment

  •  Provide garbage container in the indoor playground

  •  Place hand sanitizer in the indoor playground

  •  Use tree step cleaning process

  •  Clean playground surface

  •  Keep snacks apart

1. Read the manual of the equipment

Combined with the instruction manual and instruction manual of the indoor playground equipment, it will provide you with information on structural cleaning. The instruction manual will tell you which cleaning agents are suitable for cleaning and the correct cleaning methods. What's more, the manual can also help you reduce the burden of cleaning by providing detailed steps.

2. Provide garbage container in the indoor playground

The dustbin can help you collect garbage, because without the dustbin, the garbage should fall to the ground. Enough garbage containers in the indoor playground will make it easy for customers to throw away their garbage. The next result is that your park has almost no garbage! One more thing, you must hang a banner or sign as a reminder, so when customers They will know what to do with their trash when they hang in the park.

3. Place hand sanitizer in the indoor playground

First of all, in order to keep your indoor playground clean, the cleaning of indoor park equipment cannot be ignored. For example, the ball in the pit is often left in the hands of children. If it is often touched by dirty hands, it will quickly become dirty. Therefore, hand sanitizer is very important to solve this problem. Because it can help clean children's dirty hands in time. In addition, disinfectants should appear where they are often used in various industries.

On the other hand, considering the spread of infectious diseases in dirty and dirty environments, the use of disinfectants can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the children indoor playground. Before and after the show, park staff and parents need to tell the children to wash their hands. In this case, not only will the device remain clean, but the child's hands will not be easily soiled. Sometimes water and soap also work well if children touch those dirty or greasy surfaces.

4. Use tree step cleaning process

First, use water and soap to remove dust and anything sticky on the surface and floor of the device. In this way, the overall look of your indoor playground will be better. Secondly, non-toxic cleaning products, which are also harmless playground equipment, should be used to kill dangerous bacteria. After this step, infectious diseases are less likely to occur to customers of your indoor playground. Finally, those dangerous fungi, viruses, and bacteria should be kept away from your playground equipment. Non-toxic disinfectants will really help you get rid of these bacteria. Daily disinfection and cleaning is necessary, especially when your equipment is in heavy use

This three step cleaning process will be a powerful gear to keep your indoor playground clean, only when the owner of the park has fully performed them.

5. Clean playground surface

You should do this work every day. After snoring every night, you should clean the indoor playground floor. Corners and corners are places that are prone to dust. But children sometimes walk or crawl in these places, so keeping these places clean is very important to their health. The equipment of the indoor playground is easy to keep unclean, such as floor mats, rope swings, horizontal bars, internal and external pipes, ladders, handles, railings require your extra attention. Generally speaking, parents who let their children step on the mats and platforms of your playground believe that your game equipment will not harm the children. Therefore, the secret to building trust with customers is to keep your children and parents safe.

Infectious diseases are easily spread widely in unmaintained and contaminated areas. That's why you should keep your indoor playground clean. In particular, the device gets dirty after turning off every night, so this is a great opportunity you should take to kill bacteria early.

In addition to the above, you should also ensure that your equipment is durable and safe. Reliable equipment will also guarantee safety and fun for your customers.

6. Keep snacks apart

If practical, allow a separate area for customers to enjoy their snacks and drinks. If your toilet is on the playground, you should at least have soap to allow customers to wash their hands after eating greasy food.

As the owner of an indoor playground, cleaning should be your daily work list. Before unpacking, make sure that there is no garbage on the ground and the surface of the equipment is free from oil. When you fully implement the above methods, you can provide your customers with a hygienic and comfortable environment.


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