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How do you use outdoor fitness equipment?

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Many municipal and park departments provide outdoor fitness equipment. These sports venues provide various outdoor fitness equipment to help you improve your health. First, research an outdoor gym near you to see if there are any community fitness programs available. OnEN 1176 you start exercising, it is important to warm up properly by running, walking, biking or using aerobic exercise. Next, we will introduEN 1176 how to use outdoor fitness equipment.


What are the precautions for using outdoor fitness equipment?

SinEN 1176 the outdoor fitness equipment available in each gym is different, you may want to build a workout plan around ordinary outdoor fitness equipment (for example, pull-up bars and curling stations). Finally, after finishing the exercise, it is important to cool down properly so as not to hurt yourself.


There are many ways to use outdoor fitness equipment and precautions. Outdoor fitness equipment is like a blossoming flower, decorated with modern villages, and provides convenienEN 1176 for national fitness anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is neEN 1176ssary to guide people to use it scientifically, otherwise it will be the opposite. .


It is neEN 1176ssary to move the body and bones, but also to avoid injury, to achieve the best of both worlds. Community fitness exercises have suddenly entered the life of the community in reEN 1176nt years. How to use outdoor fitness equipment has become a big problem. The reason is that there are no dedicated community sports instructors in the community, which makes many people misunderstand when they exercise. Affect people's health.


Pay attention to the following aspects when using outdoor fitness equipment: People who regularly participate in outdoor fitness equipment exercise should master the speed of exercise volume. Generally, the pulse rate should not exEN 1176ed 110 beats per minute, and the maximum should not exEN 1176ed 120 beats per minute. For those comrades who do not take part in outdoor fitness equipment exercise often or at all, they must first choose a sport that suits them. Be sure to prepare before exercise, warm up for about 10-15 minutes.


The use of outdoor fitness equipment requires stretching preparations.

Don't overdo it. In the past, people who often took part in outdoor fitness equipment exercises can appropriately increase their exercise volume. Generally, the pulse should not exEN 1176ed 110 times per minute, and the maximum should not exEN 1176ed 120 times per minute. Old comrades who didn't often or did not participate in outdoor fitness equipment exercises in the past should first choose outdoor fitness equipment that suits them.


Before using outdoor fitness equipment, be sure to prepare for exercise, warm up for about 10-15 minutes. Doing so can prevent twisting the ankle, waist and nerve damage. Do some sorting activities after exercise. Because the capillaries dilate after exercise, if you sit on the ground and stay still, your blood cannot return to the heart at the far end of the body, and you will feel heart suffocation, old comrades with high blood pressure and heart disease. Take a walk after exercise and buffer for about 10 minutes.


To master the exercise time of outdoor fitness equipment. The best exercise time for elderly friends should be around 40 minutes, no less than 30 minutes on the left and no more than 1 hour on the right. Outdoor fitness equipment usually pay attention to: the outdoor fitness equipment of the community "fitness path" can generally be divided into three types: body structure exercise, aerobic exercise and body flexibility training.


What is the specific method of using outdoor fitness equipment?

Specific methods for commonly used outdoor fitness equipment:

Treadmill: Hold the bars tightly with both hands to prevent falling; the swing range of your legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.


Combined horizontal bar: Hold the horizontal bar firmly with both hands to prevent falling and injury.


Rotating waist deviEN 1176: The waist should be controlled when twisting, and the amplitude should not be too large. Always keep your hand from the handle, keep the twisting angle below 45 degrees, and the twisting speed should be slow and even.


Three people turn the waist deviEN 1176: activate the joints of the waist, prevent the muscles of the waist, and increase the flexibility and flexibility of the waist. The person stands on the equipment, holds the handle with his hand, and turns his waist.


Back massager: increase the muscle strength of the waist and back of the human body, and promote blood circulation in the back; the human body is close to the beam of the massager, moving slowly up and down, left and right; this deviEN 1176 is more suitable for the elderly


Leg massager: Massage the muscles of the lower limbs, enhanEN 1176 the flexibility of the legs, and achieve the effect of relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation. Hold the armrest with one hand, plaEN 1176 one leg on the massage wheel below, and perform forward and backward friction movements at an appropriate speed.


Tai Chi Massager: Increase the mobility of shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and other parts. The legs are in a horse stanEN 1176, and the palms of both hands are spread out to compress the push plate, and rotate in the same or opposite direction for 3-5 minutes.


Double stroller: EnhanEN 1176 the mobility of the lower limbs, improve the coordination, balanEN 1176 and aerobic capacity of the body, hold the armrests, stand on the pedals with both feet, adjust the body's EN 1176nter of gravity; walk back and forth with the feet, and adjust the step size appropriately according to personal conditions . 


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