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How does interactive game work?

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As a matter of fact, indoor interactive floor projection games are becoming more and more popular among young kids. Since interactive projector games can create a fun social atmosphere for children, they can bring kids lots of physical activities. While playing interactive games, kids can enable themselves to learn, socialize, and have fun in various ways. Kids love physical activity but they also love interactive games that can make them sedentary. The interactive floor games get children on their feet, running and jumping and having a good time.


How does interactive game work?

What are the popular interactive games?

Why do many people like interactive games?


How does interactive game work?

Interactive projection game employs state of the art technology to track body movements and gestures. The revolutionary system of interactive game has kids interacting with audio visual effects that create a whole new world of play and entertainment.

Interactive projectors take the standard projector and throw in some sensors to track movements and add them to the image. Interactive projector increases your ability to collaborate as the projection image allows multiple collaborators to add notes, suggestions and feedback.

There are two different kinds of technology used in interactive projectors, infrared and DLP, though DLP is the most common.

Infrared interactive projector utilizes a special camera, separate from the projection lens, to track the movements of a special pen. Infrared light is transmitted to the camera when the pen makes contact with the projection surface and the movement is recorded just like with a wireless computer mouse.

DLP interactive projectors emit a special pattern into the image that is projected. This pattern appears on the screen so quickly that the human eye can’t detect it. The interactive pen “sees” the pattern and relays the data back to the projector, where your movements are reflected back onto the surface.


What are the popular interactive games?

One of the most favorite popular interactive games is interactive floor projector. Through recognition interactive projector game system, children directly use the two feet or other actions to interact with the interactive projector games. A variety of interactive effects will be changed accordingly with your action changes. It includes the underwater world, UFO battle, defends the earth, and a dozen kinds of interactive projector games.

Interactive wall game captures the player’s motion and then uses system analysis to generate the captured object’s motion. This motion data, combined with the real-time video interaction system, creates a tightly-knit interaction between the player and the screen. It is a very good way to gather popularity and increase the interactive elements of the children playground.

Soccer interactive games make full use of three-dimensional interactive technology, through a careful analysis of the characteristics of real football movement. Interactive football game creates a 3D virtual space. Besides, it captures football track, monitor, and calculate, therefore, an artificial intelligent goalkeeper is created. It is better to realize the interaction between human and virtual environment, which belong to Interactive floor projector.


Why do many people like interactive games?

Interactive projection games can provide a fun and colorful interactive floor projector solution to entertain children and introduce your brand or message in a novel and cost-effective use of floor space.

Interactive floor games can keep your eyes on the floor and watch the fun unfold. With Interactive floor games, a once boring floor surface becomes an exciting, digital playground. If you move near, on or over the floor, your actions trigger an amazing visual reaction. Users can play soccer, kick leaves, stomp in puddles, start dancing, or simply watch the magic unfold.

Interactive games can provide children with fun, interactive and free while-you-wait entertainment. 

Wall projection interactive game is to use a projector to project the game screen on the wall, and use dynamic capture technology to achieve real-time interaction between people and the wall dynamic screen. When children hit the game elements in the scene with their hands or ocean balls, various interactive effects will appear and they will be rewarded with points.

Interactive floor games are easy to operate and can be adapted to almost any floor surface. Interactive floor games have an inbuilt ‘play safe’ element that makes it safe and suitable for children.


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