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How high are climbing walls?

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The climbing wall is assembled from hundreds of rock panels of less than 1 square meter. The rock plates can be assembled into different inclinations for climbing difficulty, such as the various rock states seen in nature such as the bent wall, the eaves, and the straight wall, which are fixed on the bracket to create various spatial shapes. For the busy working people in the modern city, time is money, the construction of the climbing wall can save a lot of travel time, let the adventurous people feel thrilling and exciting at any time.

This is the content table of the article:

  Benefits of Rock Climbing Walls

  Types of Rock Climbing Walls

  Suitable height


Benefits of Rock Climbing Walls 

  First, increase the softness and coordination of the body through rock climbing. This is a key ability for rock climbing, and its importance is better than physical strength; there are already medical fields in foreign countries that use rock climbing for correction. Children's muscle development and coordinated training of hands, eyes and body.

  Second, rock climbing can increase physical strength. The rock climbing movement requires the balance of strength and beauty of the hands and feet, and is enough to load your own weight and resist gravity. This girl does not lose the boy at all.

  Third, Rock climbing can foster concentration. At the foot, all the gods permeate the rock, paying attention to every detail of the body's displacement on the rock, and can cultivate a person's concentration on things.

  Fourth, rock climbing can cultivate enterprising spirit. When you rely on climbing ropes to bear weight and hang on high rock walls or rock towers, do you give up or continue to insist? It is not just courage to describe, but also the willpower, the sense of honor, and the determination to self-transcendence.

  Fifth, self-confidence faces a rock field that is at least three or four times higher than his own height. He still resolutely struggles, and his heart is naturally more self-respecting and self-confident than ordinary people.

   Sixth, rock climbing can increase the sense of balance. Known as the "Spider Man" walking on the rock wall, the basic posture of walking is three points and no movement, relying on the sense of balance!

Types of Rock Climbing Walls 

(1) Simulated climbing wall: The rock plate is sampled and re-formed according to the shape of the natural mountain. The simulation degree is high, and the real wall, the wall, the eaves, etc.

(2) Competitive climbing wall: It has certain climbing difficulty, strong challenge, and can meet the requirements of competitive competition; professional design, using high-strength simulation composite rock slab, the design route and difficulty are for rock climbing professionals, enthusiasts and military Training, competitions in special industries such as police, high-altitude operations.

(3) Children's climbing wall: The products are safe and reliable, colorful, lively and generous, with various shapes and plates. The surface of the rock board is painted with environmental protection materials, suitable for kindergarten children and primary school students; for their muscle development and hand and eye, Coordinated training of the body.

What is the most suitable height for a climbing wall? 

Outdoor climbing walls are generally around 6-12 meters, and kindergarten climbing walls are generally about 2.4 high. The indoors are generally rock climbing walls, also called bouldering walls; that should not be higher than 5 meters, and there should be 20 to 30 cm thick high-density sponge mats for protection; if more than 5 meters, it should be used climbing rope protection.


Climbing can enhance self-confidence, enhance physical fitness, increase concentration, increase enterprising spirit, improve body softness and coordination, and enhance balance. The benefits of rock climbing are very high. Of course, the height of the climbing wall is also suitable. The climbing wall has only the right height to get a better workout.

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