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How long will a trampoline last?

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The service life of trampoline

Tips for proper trampoline care and maintenance


Trampoline is an ideal exercise tool for children and adults, which is beneficial to people's health. Before you buy a trampoline, of course you would care about how long will a trampoline last?

The life of trampoline

For trampoline, the service time of each component is different.

The frame is part of the trampoline, which lasts longer than other equipment and is the most durable. In fact, you can keep the frame all year round because it can prevent rain, sleet, sun, hail, and anything else thrown by the weather. Each trampoline manufacturer provides warranty for its products, ranging from several months to several years.

Cushion is the most worn part of the trampoline is the mattress. The mattress is part of the trampoline, which takes on all the kinetic energy required for each bounce. It can be made of a combination of nylon, fabrics or materials to form a durable surface.

You can take some precautions to ensure that your trampoline mattress lasts longer. For example, don't wear shoes on the mat, make sure you have taken all the sharp objects out of your pocket, etc.

Of the three components of trampoline, spring is the easiest and most economical alternative. If you choose to store trampoline in winter, springs are the easiest to store.

Weather may be another problem with trampoline life. Even if the trampoline is outside, there are weather conditions that may affect the integrity of the equipment. For example, in autumn, if you stay there too long, the wet leaves piled up on the trampoline will become heavy and weaken the mat. The same is true of winter ice and snow.

Tips for proper trampoline care and maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, your trampoline can last a lifetime, or at least decades. Trampoline care is relatively simple. Here are some tips that anyone can use to keep their trampoline in good working condition.

1. Keep the trampoline clean

Keeping the trampoline clean is one of the most basic things you can do to extend the life of the trampoline. If left unchanged, dirt and debris will eventually damage the mat or be clamped by springs. You need a bucket of soapy water and a soft brush to keep your trampoline clean. Simple spraying with simple water can help keep the surface clean.

2. Correct placement

This may sound trivial, but proper placement can keep your trampoline in a new state for years to come. Dark spots are ideal because they protect the surface from ultraviolet radiation. Just make sure there are no low-lying branches or anything else that might make jumping unsafe.

3. Check your trampoline regularly. In order to prevent accidents and injuries and prolong the life of trampoline, it is necessary to check that:

Whether there is wear, sag or tension on jump pad.

Whether the spring is over stretched or damaged.

Whether the cushion is damaged, such as wear, tear, hole or incorrect stitching.


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