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How to Improve Children's Emotional Intelligence by Indoor Playground Facilities

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The normal development of a baby is a systematic, complete and coordinated process. Every word and action is formed in different living environments. Genetic factors, physiological factors and social and environmental factors are important factors affecting children's growth, among which family factors are particularly important. Believe that many parents have seen many so-called "parenting" the bible, although there is no specific examples of these types of parenting books will help us to produce can be made of wood, but it's really help parents to solve a lot of unnecessary trouble, but many parents tend to ignore the indoor children's amusement facilities to the child the influence of emotional intelligence, in fact, often take the children to indoor children's park to play is helpful to cultivate children's emotional intelligence.

Soft Playground

1.The basin

Natural sea sand is pure natural pure green, after strict selection, washing, disinfection and other processes, without adding any chemical substances. In the process of sand play, it helps to develop children's perception and creativity, practice hand coordination, promote the development of hand muscles, and help children to obtain emotional satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, increase the cognitive ability of spatial relationship, and deepen the feelings between parents and children.

2.  The brave and intelligent

The game is designed for children who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, swing, jump and shake. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, it forms a game that integrates play, sport, intelligence and fitness. It places children in a thrilling and safe environment. The facility is good for children to give full play to their vitality and imagination, have fun and get physical exercise at the same time. Is conducive to exercise the children not willing to lag behind, the spirit of adventure, so that children more healthy and happy growth; At the same time is conducive to the development of children's courage and perseverance, improve the speed, strength, balance, coordination and other physical quality, to achieve physical fitness, brain brain puzzle.

3. Trampoline

Bounce trampoline motion accords with the psychological characteristic of children recreation, motion very much, hold to taking exercise to be able to make the child's leg ministry muscle group and cerebellum balance nervous system and cerebral nervous system more developed, and can achieve the goal that grows tall.

4. Happy piano

Happy piano an help children build up musical sense and finger flexibility. In addition, the fingers linked to the heart, the development of children's mental and mental power is also a certain role in promoting. Music also helps children get into a natural and relaxed state, and gives them another way to express emotions and emotions, which is very helpful for their future life.

5. Go through the rope net

These games not only teach children some practical skills, but also teach them to face difficulties, help each other and share with each other. If the completion of these tasks, can effectively explore children's sense of adventure, hone children's willpower, strengthen children's courage, exercise children's physical ability and reaction ability, stimulate children's potential.


Slide can exercise children's physical fitness, develop sports skills, increase the sense of balance and coordination. Children need firm will and confidence to play the slide, which can cultivate their brave spirit.

Above these indoor children's amusement facilities all have certain effect to the child's emotional intelligence training, in addition, indoor children's playground and other children's amusement equipment, constrained by the space is limited, in this not go one by one, parents can take their children to experience personally, and believe in the children's influence is very big. We also introduction what are the rules and etiquette in an indoor playground?


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