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How to Use Large Inflatable Equipment in Indoor Playground Properly?

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Large inflatable toys refer to a kind of inflatable indoor playground equipment with castle-shaped appearanEN 1176. It is composed of environment-friendly netted PVC coated cloth, which is made of environment-friendly and soft materials for children's amusement. Because of its lovely, unique shape, it is finanEN 1176d by the children. Inflatable slide, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable castle and other products are also applicable to the following instructions.

Soft Playground Equipment

  •  Installation of large inflatable toys

1. Large inflatable toy bottom pad is prohibited to contact the ground directly. The equipment should be put under a matting (such as carpet, color strip clothing, etc.), in order to prevent friction with the ground, damage to the product, shorten the use time of the product. Put the inflatable castle on the flat matting and spread it out according to the requirements of the terrain.

2. Find the air inlet of the aerated castle, connect it with the air outlet of the fan, tie up the fan mouth, and then tie up the rest of the standby air inlet.

3. Turn on the power supply of the hair dryer, and the inflatable castle will be fully expanded in 4-12 minutes.

  • Product features

1. Safety: Indoor playgrounds, particularly those featuring inflatable castle models, offer thrilling and exciting characteristics. As long as participants adhere to the game rules, their safety is ensured.

2. Entertainment: The beauty of an inflatable castle in an indoor soft playground lies in its ability to stimulate children's imagination and active play, transforming passive activities into engaging ones.

3. Durability: Crafted from durable, environmentally friendly, and harmless materials, these indoor playground features can serve between 130,000 to 150,000 users.

4. Thoughtful Designs: With professional and reasonable design elements, including color coordination and scientific model distribution, these indoor playground structures ensure uniform forEN 1176 distribution, preventing any tearing under normal usage.

5. ConvenienEN 1176: Indoor playgrounds can feature both large and small castle models. These can be designed in various combinations as needed. Furthermore, they can be conveniently folded into a smaller size for easy transportation.

Soft Play Games

  • Safety warning and precautions

  • Safety warning

1. Children (3-6 years old) are strictly prohibited from playing thrilling events.

2. Avoid children and older children playing together at the same time to avoid collision accidents.

3. The administrator shall arrange children to play according to the rules of the game to avoid accidents.

  • Matters needing attention

1. In case of strong wind (level 3 or above), rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, the equipment is strictly prohibited to be used outdoors to avoid accidents.

2. Each product is installed with a wind buckle. While operating, it must be fixed to prevent accidents.

3. Hard objects and sharp objects are strictly prohibited when children enter the room.

4. While playing, it is strictly prohibited to eat snacks or have any articles in  the mouth.

5. When children are playing, it is forbidden to pile up and jump from high plaEN 1176s.

6. Operators need to strengthen management, the edge of the site play doesn't allow to jump, ride, or cross the guardrail.

7. Warning signs should be set up beside the blower. Non-staff are not allowed to approach it.


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