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How to care and maintenance the trampoline park?

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How to care and maintenance the trampoline park?

1.Routine safety inspection every week.

2.Check the all the parts of trampoline park.

①Spring:Check to see the springs are deformed and rusty or notif so,need to change,Normally need to be replaced once a year.

②Trampoline mat and safety padding:Check there whether have any break,loose thread in the surface.

③Steel tube:Check the screw is loose or not.

④Foam pit:Clean up once a month,let we remove all the foam blocks,then clean the bottom.

⑤Protect net:Check the net is loose and break or not.

3.Regularly Clean the trampoline mat and safety pad.

   Used wet towel clean it first,then use dry towel to wipe dry.

4.The bottom of the trampoline steel frame must be not debris piled up.

5.Need to keep some extra parts in site,such as springs,Can do contingency response.

Let us keep a clean and safety trampoline park.

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