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How to choose and configure outdoor fitness equipment?

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Outdoor fitness equipment, is the equipment and equipment that is fixed outdoors for people to perform fitness exercises and provides convenience for national fitness anytime and anywhere. So, how to choose and configure outdoor fitness equipment?


Here is the content list:

Comprehensive configuration




Comprehensive configuration

The comprehensive configuration should consider the functionality of the equipment and the applicable people, and consider the needs of people of different ages and suitable outdoor fitness equipment. In addition, equipment used by disabled persons should also consider their special needs.



According to the use function, the equipment types with different exercise functions are comprehensively configured. Such as upper extremity exercise, lower extremity exercise, trunk exercise, cardiopulmonary function, comprehensive training, puzzle, balance function, etc.

For example, upper body exercises include: horizontal bars, parallel bars, pommel horse trainers, ladders, arm strength training devices, upper body rate pullers, rowing devices, multi-function push kneaders, big runners, rib racks, stretchers, Tai Chi kneaders and so on.

Exercises for the lower limbs include a walking machine, height-touching machine, horse riding machine, seesaw, boat massager, leg presser, pedaling machine and so on.

The torso exercises include sit-up board, waist extension and back extension device, waist twister, back bending and extension stool, back massager, push-up frame, pendulum waist twister and so on.


Consider the needs of various users, such as children, adolescents, middle-aged people, the elderly, and handicapped people.

For example, suitable for children are children's slides, children's seesaws, rocking horses, space balls, climbing poles, etc.

Suitable for young people are horizontal bars, parallel bars, ladders, rope climbing, climbing poles, basketball stands, table tennis tables, sit-up boards, swings, plum blossom piles, height touchers, cage football fixed net equipment, etc.

Suitable for middle-aged people are: sitting pusher, sitting puller, sitting pedal, walking machine, leg presser, basketball stand, ping pong table, horizontal bar, parallel bars, etc.

Suitable for the elderly Tai Chi Massager, Leg Massager, Back Massager, Waist Roller, Big Wheel, Walking Machine, Elliptical Net Machine, Upper Limb Traction Device, Exercise Bike, Horse Riding Machine, Chess and Card Table, Pendulum Calculator, puzzle abacus, etc.

Suitable for the handicapped are: upper limb training device, lower limb training device, waist training device, wrist training device, ankle training device, etc.



The equipment management units requirements for equipment layout are as follows: First, the information sign should be installed at the main entrance of the venue or in a prominent location. Secondly, sufficient installation site space and area should be provided according to the installation requirements of configuration equipment and equipment. Equipment with the same installation ground requirements should be arranged in the same area. Then, the equipment should be arranged in different regions according to the applicable groups. Such as: children's area, youth area, middle-aged area, elderly area, handicapped area, etc.


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