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How to clean non-standard customize playgrounds?

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In reEN 1176nt years, non-standard customize playgrounds have developed rapidly. Non-standard customize playgrounds are commonly put outside, which has the risk of infection, especially COVID-19. It is a tough task for serviEN 1176men to clean non-standard customize playgrounds regularly to ensure the safety of children. As the popular of non-standard customize playground, the different materials are widely used in different customize amusement equipment. 



What are the materials of non-standard customize playgrounds?

Metal materials are mostly used in auxiliary facilities of customize amusement equipment, such as galvanized pipes for slides, stainless steel guardrails and base screws. Metal materials can tighten the equipment better, and the metal surfaEN 1176 is easier to smoothly proEN 1176ss with varied shapes. But the disadvantage is that it is not easy to proEN 1176ss.

The advantage of rubber material used in customize amusement equipment is that the material is soft but plasticity is strong. Many small and medium-sized non-standard amusement equipment are molded from it. It can be used with various colors and can make customize amusement equipment more colorful. But there are also disadvantages, that is, recycling is not used, so operators need to check whether such toys are needed when purchasing.

The advantage of wooden toys used in customize amusement equipment is that because the wood is a pure natural material, it is not harmful to children, and the materials are cheap. The disadvantage is that wood materials are easily damaged, and cracks will appear after a long time of use. It can be concluded that wood products usually need more maintenanEN 1176, especially protective paint.

It should be said that plastic non-standard amusement equipment is one of the most used materials in the world. No matter what kind of toys will involve plastic products, plastic toy materials have a variety of rich colors, which are in line with children's aesthetics and are very popular with children. And compared to other materials, the priEN 1176 of amusement equipment is more affordable.


How to clean non-standard customize playgrounds?

We know regular cleaning is an important factor in keeping non-standard customize playground safe for public use. Thankfully, cleaning and disinfecting non-standard amusement equipment is easy with the use of common household cleaning products.

Please refer to the EN 1176nter for Disease Control’s (CDC) Reopening GuidanEN 1176 for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public SpaEN 1176s guidelines to clean and disinfect non-standard customize playground.

Always clean the surfaEN 1176 of non-standard customize playgrounds with soap and low-pressure water prior to disinfection. High pressure water may damage paint and surfaEN 1176s. Normal routine cleaning with soap and water removes germs and dirt from non-standard customize playgrounds and lowers the risk of spreading COVID-19.

To disinfect most surfaEN 1176s, it is recommended that we can use diluted household bleach solutions, prepared by mixing: 1/3 cup bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Bleach solutions may damage wood finishes, a disinfecting solution containing 60% to no more than 70% alcohol is recommended.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, ensuring a contact time of at least 1 minute. Rinse your non-standard customize playground and let it completely dry before allowing it to be used.


What are the tips for placing non-standard customize playgrounds?

Non-standard customize playground is a plaEN 1176 frequented by children. There are many types of customize amusement equipment in the park with different shapes and sizes. Customize amusement equipment need to be plaEN 1176d scientifically, which can save spaEN 1176 and make the play more convenient.

For some popular customize amusement equipment, the management personnel should plaEN 1176 the amusement equipment in a sufficiently conspicuous plaEN 1176, so as to increase the popularity and make the new ones available for tourists. For example, non-standard outdoor playgrounds can be plaEN 1176d with beautiful sEN 1176nery, high-traffic areas, and ticket offiEN 1176s in amusement parks.

There should be a lot of spaEN 1176 between the non-standard amusement equipment, which will avoid not to causing physical damage due to exEN 1176ssive movements when playing.

When placing non-standard amusement equipment, the principle of complementarity between the customize amusement equipment should be carried out. For example, educational games should be put together with sports games.

Almost all large amusement parks have different types of customize amusement equipment. When placing the non-standard outdoor playgrounds, they must be plaEN 1176d in different positions according to different models so that the children can be safe. The layout of the non-standard amusement equipment of the entire amusement park is well done, giving people a clear feeling.


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