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How to customize Non-standard customize playground?

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Non-standard outdoor playgrounds are becoming more and more popular among children in parks or schools. Non-standard amusement equipment is combined with galvanized steel and mesh, which is very durable. There are other materials, such as plastic and rubber. Next, let’s see how to customize the Non-standard customize playground below.


About the premise of choosing customize Non-standard customize playground.

Non-standard outdoor playgrounds are becoming more and more popular with children in parks or schools. Non-standard amusement equipment can give play to the courage and strength of children, and MICH also sets up different game paths to bring different fun. The premise is to ensure the safety of non-standard amusement equipment.


Security. MICH's design and non-standard amusement equipment are strictly inspected in accordance with safety standards to ensure that all parts of the toy will not cause harm to children. All metal parts are smooth and non-toxic, anti-ultraviolet properties.

Rich experience. MICH's non-standard amusement equipment is designed by experienced designers according to children's interests and feelings.


What are the specifications of the customize Non-standard customize playground?

① All main uprights of non-standard amusement equipment are made of galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 114mm and a wall thickness of 2.2mm. The quality and technical standards meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T3091-2001.


② All platforms of non-standard amusement equipment are perforated from 2.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plates with a diameter of 6mm. The quality and technical standards comply with the European EN1176 standard.


③ All metal parts of the Non-standard outdoor playground are made of galvanized steel pipes with diameters of 60mm, 48mm, 38mm, 32mm, 28mm, and wall thicknesses of 2.2mm. The quality and technical standards meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T3091-2001.


④ Non-standard outdoor playground of metal accessories are made of high-strength aluminum alloy by one-time casting. After polishing, all sharp corners are round and smooth. All screws are made of #314 stainless steel, which conforms to GB/T1221-1992.


⑤ The Non-standard outdoor playground uses imported high-quality sailing ropes with diameters of 14mm and 16mm, with high-strength galvanized steel wires inside.


What are the common problems when customize Non-standard customize playground?

Q: Can you design for non-standard amusement equipment?

Answer: Yes. We have a design department. If you can provide us with the size of your area, our designers can design the Non-standard customize playground according to the size of your area and your special requirements.


Q: How to maintain and clean non-standard amusement equipment?

Answer: Since our raw materials are galvanized pipes and LLDPE plastics, no maintenance is required. The non-standard amusement equipment has UV resistance, high strength, smooth surface and good safety and environmental protection performance, which can be maintained even in strong sunlight Good condition. Or it rains.


Q: What is your price and how much discount can I get?

Answer: Compared with non-standard amusement equipment of the same quality, our price is the most fair and reasonable in the market; our principle is large quantity and the most favorable price. The price we provide is already the manufacturing price, please confirm first Order and quantity, we will try our best to meet your requirements.


Q: Are you exporting to our country or other countries?

Answer: We have been engaged in this business for more than 30 years. Our non-standard amusement equipment is widely exported to more than 120 countries and regions.


Q: Can you design for your non-standard amusement equipment?

Answer: Yes. Our R&D and design department will design non-standard amusement equipment for you according to your project scale and your special requirements.



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