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How to design interactive games?

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The desire to play comes naturally to all children, which can increase children's self-esteem, opens a young mind to new possibilities, and develops social, verbal, and problem-solving skills. Today's imaginative play activities of interactive games are designed to high standards of safety and durability. Still, it is important to remember that the process and quality of interactive games cannot be purchased. It is provided by the child's imagination and innate desire to play. Therefore, the goal of designing  interactive games is simply to create an environment to beckon to children.


What are the successful features to run an interactive game?

How to tell whether the interactive game is good or not?

How to design interactive games?


What are the successful features to run an interactive game?

The principle of an interactive game is to induce the action of players through the induction system, and then analyze and calculate them, so as to execute the relevant game commands. The common interactive games are divided into two aspects according to the nature of the industry and the user habits, namely, the family consumption interactive games and the commercial interactive games.

Whether the geographical location is superior enough, from the starting point, affects the sustainable operation of the interactive games. It is impossible to run an interactive game in a poor location with scarce traffic though the rent pay is much cheaper.

The promotion channel should be determined by the consumption habits of the target audience. Is the promotion method of interactive game to choose the advertising of mass media or new guidance methods such as group buying and cross-industry joint operation? The interactive game should target at different groups of potential consumers concerning age, gender, circle, occupation, and consumption type.


How to tell whether the interactive game is good or not?

When choosing an interactive game, in addition to considering the fun and playability of individual interactive games, it is also necessary to pay attention to the overall coordination and aesthetics. For example, if your interactive game is ocean-themed that other amusement equipment is shaped by marine life, but you rashly choose a fire-scissor-shaped interactive floor game. No matter how fun and interesting this amusement device is, it looks abrupt and weird, and will only break the overall coordination and beauty.

Excellent interactive game is generally attractive, so if the sales of the interactive games you want to buy are good and attract more attention from everyone, then this interactive game is undoubtedly good. There is also a big difference in appearance and function, so if you want to determine whether the interactive game you buy is better, it is better to choose a larger manufacturer to buy it.



How to design interactive games?

Safety. The main issue in designing interactive games is to provide challenging and fun activities while also providing for the safety of the children using the interactive games. Techniques for designing and constructing safe interactive games environments that provide age-appropriate challenges and play experiences for children are outlined in the Public Playground Safety Handbook.

Design. As in the design of any architectural space, the process of designing an interactive game should begin with thorough programming to better understand the needs of the owner and how and by whom the playground will be used. For example, important pre-design information includes knowing how to arrive at the interactive games; whether or not the children will be supervised while playing on the interactive games; what the anticipated age range of the children using the interactive games will be; and how many children are typically expected to be on the interactive games at one time. Knowing how and by means the interactive games will be maintained may also affect many planning and design decisions.

Materials. The majority structures of manufactured interactive games use one or more of the following as the main construction material: pressure-treated wood, steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and various recycled materials. Environmental conditions, use, and desired aesthetics should be considered when selecting the materials to be used in the construction of the interactive games.


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