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How to do amazing trampoline stunts ?

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How can we make amazing trampoline stunts? The following sections will introduce you to the basic techniques of amazing trampoline stunts and the more difficult amazing trampoline stunts. But while doing amazing trampoline stunts in commercial trampoline park, we must pay more attention to safety, good order can have a good entertainment environment.


  • Learning basic skills

  • Practice more

  • Take care

  • trampoline park

Learning basic skills

1. trampoline contact jump

Separate your feet apart and shoulder width, and bend your knees slightly with your hands on your hips. Gently bounce but your feet don't leave the jumping surface of the trampoline. Repeat this ten times to suit the trampoline you are using.

2. Trampoline side shake

Use the same position of the "Tram trampoline jump" (without leaving the jumping surface), turning the center of gravity to one side of the foot. Then turn your center of gravity to the side of the other foot. Repeat this ten times, shifting the center of gravity. Then stop jumping.

3. Trampoline side bounce

When jumping, you need to shift the center of gravity to the left and right sides of the trampoline. Then, lift the opposite leg to the buttocks to jump out (jump on the side of the trampoline). Repeat this ten times, shifting the center of gravity. Then stop jumping.

4. Trampoline jumping on both sides

Put your feet together and leave the center of the trampoline to jump from the side of the trampoline to the other side, then jump back. Repeat this ten times, shifting the center of gravity. Then return to "Tram trampoline contact jump".

5. In situ jogging / jogging

Bring your center of gravity back to the center of the trampoline and start jogging in the same place, just like on the ground. So jog ten times. Then, start making a slight jump on the other leg after jumping twice per foot. This is called a trampoline jogging. Repeat the jog and jump, ten times per leg and then turn to "the trampoline contact jump" for 10 seconds, then leave the trampoline for stretching exercises.

Practice more

1.Vertical jump

Start with a gentle jump, then try to jump as high as possible. Continue to make such a vertical jump ten times and then transfer to the "Drilling Machine Contact Jump".

2. Lift your legs and jump

Raise one knee to the top of the waistline during the jump. Repeat this action ten times for each leg and then return to the "Turn-up contact jump".

3. Jumping car

When I was young, I played the game of ‘jumping car.’ When I jumped up, my legs would close together, and when I was on the net, keep your legs and shoulders wide. In addition, you must pay attention to the synchronization of your arms and legs during the practice. Repeat this exercise ten times and then return to the "Turn-up contact jump".

4.Step by step

On the basis of ‘trampoline contact jump', alternately raise your knee to waistline height. At this time, your arms move in sync with your legs until you exercise each leg ten times, then return to the “boring bed contact jump”. PS: Once you have completed the “Basic Exercise on the Trampoline”, you need to perform “Relief Exercise” to cool down.

Indoor Trampoline Park

Standing in the center of the trampoline, the body is straight and the arms are placed on the side of the body. Do the vertical jump with the arm, lift the legs to the horizontal position at the beginning of the drop (the legs are straight and straight, the toes are straight), the upper body is kept straight, the hands are close to the body side, the five fingers are separated forward, and the net is prepared. The hips, the back of the calf, the back of the calf and the hands are almost at the same time. The net is in a sitting position and the elbow joint is naturally bent. When the net bounces upwards, the two hands push the net to help increase the rebound height. After vacating, the legs are naturally lowered, and the arms are placed on the side of the body in an upright position, ready to fall into the net.


  • You can't wear jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, etc. during training or fitness at amazing trampoline stunts, because it is extremely easy to hurt yourself when the person falls into the net and loses balance. Another taboo is that you can't leave long nails, even if your nails look good, sometimes it's not allowed. Sometimes, because the body loses balance, the palm touches the net and it is easy to cause the nail to break and get hurt.

  • Whether you are on a trampoline or an amazing trampoline stunts professional training, it is strictly forbidden to bring fragile items, containers, bats, sticks, sharps and similar items into the trampoline.

  • Be careful of the waist injury during practice. The most damage to the trampoline athletes is the waist and ankle. Because the impact force when falling is very large, the height of the trampoline can not be too high for those who are not trained by the amazing trampoline stunts.

  • Do not climb over the guardrail, do not throw objects into the trampoline, on the rest table, or outside the trampoline. There are garbage bags and trash cans inside and outside the trampoline.

  • When the child is playing in the trampoline park, ask the parents or guardians not to leave the trampoline to prevent the child from losing after getting out of the trampoline.

  • Under the age of six, you must have a parent or guardian to take care of you, otherwise you will not be on the trampoline; you should not rush to the Internet because of curiosity; pay special attention to the hand can not support the net, easy to sprain; when you fall up, avoid knees on the bed, easy to hurt the waist.

    Learning the amazing trampoline stunts action must follow the principle of gradual training, do not be too high. We should not only focus on quality, but not on development difficulty, and we should not only focus on development difficulty, but ignore the quality of amazing trampoline stunts, which should be both quality and difficulty. The amazing trampoline stunts made in this way can attract better bystanders and have higher skill.


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