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How to ensure the safety of outdoor customize playgrounds?

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The quality of outdoor customize playgrounds has a relatively large impact on economic interests. Choosing high-quality non-standard outdoor playgrounds can improve our economic interests, as well as brand reputation. As non-standard amusement equipment becomes more and more popular, there are more and more manufacturers of customize amusement equipment, which is inevitable that the quality varies in the market. It is crucial to ensure the safety ability of outdoor customize playgrounds to protect children’s development.


l How to ensure the safety of outdoor customize playgrounds?

l How to tell whether the outdoor customize playground is good or not?

l How to use outdoor customize playgrounds?


How to ensure the safety of outdoor customize playgrounds?

Outdoor customize playgrounds have gradually become a sweet pastry in the hearts of children that they can be very happy. It is very necessary to improve the safety of outdoor customize playgrounds.

The fire-fighting equipment equipped in the outdoor customize playgrounds must be in complete and good condition. In order to ensure that it can quickly and effectively extinguish the initial fire and keep the children's non-standard amusement equipment intact, regular inspection and maintenance must be done.

It is necessary to understand the specifications, scope of application, quantity and expiry date of fire-fighting equipment.

Strictly manage the fire-fighting equipment equipped in outdoor customize playgrounds, and shall not arbitrarily use them for other purposes.

Strengthen the management of various fire extinguishers in outdoor customize playgrounds. Keep them clean, pay attention to antifreeze, explosion-proof and sunlight, and place them in a cool and ventilated place. However, in order to avoid accidental touches during playing, fire-fighting equipment should be paid to places where children cannot reach.

Check and maintain the fire-fighting equipment deployed throughout the outdoor customize playgrounds on a regular basis and make records accordingly. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time. If there is air leakage or insufficient air pressure, inflate them in time.

The staff should master various fire-fighting performances, uses, and maintenance.


How to tell whether the outdoor customize playground is good or not?

When choosing an outdoor customize playground, in addition to considering the fun and playability of individual customize amusement equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the overall coordination and aesthetics. For example, if your outdoor customize playground is ocean-themed that other amusement equipment is shaped by marine life, but you rashly choose a fire-scissor-shaped amusement equipment. No matter how fun and interesting this amusement device is, it looks abrupt and weird, and will only break the overall coordination and beauty.

Excellent customize amusement equipment is generally attractive, so if the sales of the customize amusement equipment you want to buy are good and attract more attention from everyone, then this customize amusement equipment is undoubtedly good. There is also a big difference in appearance and function, so if you want to determine whether the customize amusement equipment you buy is better, it is better to choose a larger manufacturer to buy it.


How to use outdoor customize playgrounds?

Pay attention to the safety inspection mark of outdoor customize playgrounds. In accordance with national regulations, the regular inspection cycle of in-use customize amusement equipment is one year. For non-standard amusement equipment that has passed the safety inspection, the safety inspection mark shall be issued by the quality and technical supervision department and attached to the outdoor customize playgrounds.

Pay attention to the riding instructions of outdoor customize playgrounds. Passenger instructions are installed in the eye-catching places of the customize amusement equipment. Read carefully before riding and do not jump over the fence. Before playing, passengers must wait outside the safety fence.

Toddlers must be accompanied by their parents. They are not allowed to ride on the customize amusement equipment alone. 

Follow the instructions of the service staff. Passengers get on and off according to the order of the staff.

Pay attention to fasten your seat belts. Do not grab your seat belts before the customize amusement equipment has stopped. Check whether it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handles or other safety devices with both hands during operation.

Do not extend body parts out of the customize amusement equipment. When passengers ride on non-standard amusement equipment, sit upright on the seat, do not walk, and do not extend hands, feet and head out of the cabin to avoid bumps and scratches.


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