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How to ensure the safety of the drop slide

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There are many kinds of drop slides, including wooden, metal, stone, plastic, inflatable, rubber, and even ice; in shape, there are straight, roller, rotating, high, short, and other styles. These strange drop slides attract many children. They don't care how many people there are, when there are many people, they have to go up and play. Drop slides are fun, but we must pay attention to safety because accidents can happen at any time, different drop slides will bring different injuries to children. Once a child has an accident, what should parents do? Parents should be able to easily identify injuries so that they can be handled appropriately.


l Falling from a high place:

l Abrasion caused by drop slide:


Falling from a high place:

Some drop slides are relatively high and children tend to fall without paying attention, often headfirst when they fall. Because infants and toddlers do not have fully developed skulls, they are more likely than adults to suffer head injuries as a result of falls. Head injuries include concussions, skull fractures, brain contusions and lacerations, and intracranial hemorrhages. The consequences of a head fall are serious and can lead to death if left untreated. Once a fall from a drop slide has occurred, the mother should not pick up and lift at will. The first thing to do is to look for the injured area and observe the child's mental changes, whether there is pallor, vomiting, drowsiness, and coma. The baby may refuse to touch the affected area, or light touch may cause the baby to cry violently and have an unusually painful expression. The occurrence of a fracture requires a high degree of vigilance. Call the emergency number first and do different emergency treatments according to different situations.


Abrasion caused by drop slide:

Roller drop slides can easily cause children to hit their heads during the descent. Dark purple bruises will appear on the skin. If the bruise is severe, a hematoma may appear; if there is a bone bruise, there may also be swelling symptoms. Press the bruised area with the palm of your hand and do not rub it to avoid more severe subcutaneous bleeding. Ice packs can reduce blood flow to the wound, reducing bleeding, swelling, and pain. It takes approximately 30 minutes to apply ice to the affected area. Change the cold compress when appropriate. Do not cover the iced area with clothing so that local blood flow is not affected by forgetting to remove the ice pack.

If the swelling is severe, it can be wrapped with an elastic bandage. Be careful not to wrap it too tightly to avoid affecting local blood circulation. If the child's hands and feet are pale, cold, or do not feel normal, this indicates that they are wrapped too tightly. In addition, the bruised area can be padded to reduce swelling; after cleaning the skin on the surface of the bruise, you can apply some topical ointment to the child to eliminate the bruise. Apply a hot towel to the child within 24 hours of the bruise. For larger bruises, applying hot compresses after 48 hours can promote the absorption of bruises and accelerate the disappearance of bruises. After the hot compress, the mother can apply some lubricant or bruise cream to the palm of her hand and massage the injured area with her palm. Calm the child's emotions and reduce anxiety and restlessness. The child must seek medical attention immediately if there is an injury to vital organs, such as bleeding from the head or petechiae all over the body, mental abnormality, and weakness of limbs.

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