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How to guarantee your safety when climbing wall

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How to guarantee your safety when climbing wall? When it comes to climbing wall injuries, the most common are broken feet and ankles, sprains or strains. Even though climbers are strapped in belts, they miss the holds, fall onto safety mats, land first and hurt their feet or ankles.To help you prevent such injuries, we have listed the following best practices.


This article contains the following:

Design walls wisely to reduce the chance of injury

Safe daily practises of climbing walls

Explicit rules of wall climbing

1、Design walls wisely to reduce the chance of injury

The first step to ensuring the safety of climbers is to take appropriate precautions when designing climbing walls and installing them. Firstly, analyze the angle of the wall to determine where a climber might fall, and make sure you have the right pads in place. Vertical walls require about six to eight feet of net landing space, while steep walls need to land at least 13 feet, depending on the farthest protrusion. Secondly, the design of the wall should be ergonomic. Make sure the rock is comfortable and tendine-friendly and that there is a safe and suitable position on the wall at different heights for the climber to take a short break.In addition, contact a professional climbing wall installer to view your needs and find the most suitable type of wall. For example, in order to protect the fragile body of children, it is better to use a soft climbing wall.

2、Safe daily practises of climbing walls

Routine safety checks and proper use of climbing wall equipment are important.This may seem like common sense, but many accidents can be prevented by following climbing guidelines and emphasizing safety procedures for all employees and climbers.Each climber is required to take a short training course before using the climbing wall. Training should include basic skill requirements to determine the skill level of the climber, review of the safety rope command and general rock climbing safety.The training should end with a test that all climbers must pass before they are allowed to use the wall. Also, access to the wall is controlled at open and close times. Walls must ensure that the number of adult staff is up to standard at all times, and that climbers assisting complete annual safety training.Finally, everyone must sign a waiver form before climbing. Please be responsible for your own safety.

3、Maintenace of climbing shoes

Climbing wall usage rules are essential. Make sure that climbers are informed and understand all safety rules before allowing them to use the barrier.Some of the rules include climbers warming up before stretching the wall to fully stimulate muscle strength, and venues could consider putting up signs showing different stretches to guide customers.Trained adult monitors must be present at all times, even for skilled climbers. Supervisors must be at least 16 years old and must have passed an accredited course. Climbers must be visually inspected by a supervisor before climbing to ensure that their safety belts are properly fastened. Children must be at least 10 years old to use climbing walls.All minors must obtain consent from a form signed by a parent or guardian.All climbers must wear helmets and non-slip shoes. No food or drink near the climbing area. Climbers must remove or cover any jewelry with tape. Keep in mind that safety rules must be followed and strictly enforced, and supervisors should always be on the lookout for situations that could pose a safety hazard.


It should not be denied that there are some safety hazards in climbing walls. However, this is also the charm of climbing walls. Qualified protective measures can effectively protect climbers from injury.We also provide Mobile Play Center, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, if you want to know more, just follow us.


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