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How to maintain climbing wall equipments

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How can we maintainclimbing wall equipments? Climbing walls equipment is expensive. With proper maintenance, inspection, storage, and transportation, you can achieve the maximum lifespan of your equipment.It is important to maintain climbing walls equipment in order to ensure that it is functional in emergency situations and can be relied on 100 per cent.


This article contains the following:

The principle of maintenance

Maintenace of climbing shoes

Maintenace of climbing shoes

1、The principle of maintenance

Here are some basic check tips for daily climbing walls: At the end of a hard day, you just want to pack your gear quickly and get back in the car, but since you'll be winding the rope anyway, take some time to check for wear. As you stack the rope at the beginning of the climb, check again for wear, mold, or discoloration. Also, check the slings, seat belts, and climbing protection for any apparent damage while rearranging the rack. These seemingly small and unnecessary actions ensure that you are always aware of the status of your equipment and keep your life safe.

2、Maintenance of climbing ropes

Climbing rope is one of the most important life insurance policies for climbing walls. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure that the device does not respond at all. A rope bag that can store and transport the rope dry and clean is essential. Do not store the rope tightly as it will cause internal distortion. Don't step on the rope because with pressure, you can damage the rope directly or push dirt and dirt into it. Over time, this dirt acts like sandpaper on the inside of climbing ropes and damages the fibers. Also, lowering the rope too quickly during climbing can cause it to heat up unnecessarily and wear out faster.Especially for lifting equipment, you must be careful as it can get extremely hot from friction and damage the rope over a long distance.The cleaning of the rope should also be noted, you are best to use water with a maximum temperature of 30°C and soap with a neutral pH - anything that can be washed. You can also put the rope in the washing machine.Use a mild washing cycle at 30°C, not a rotation cycle. Then slowly dry the climbing rope in the air.

3、Maintenace of climbing shoes

An avid climber may always use the harness and rope provided by the climbing wall gym, but be sure to have your own climbing shoes. The wear and tear of climbing and the bacteria caused by sweating can aggravate the life of shoes, so how to maintain climbing wall shoes is a concern for customers. Shoes need to be cleaned regularly. Hot water is the best. In order not to damage shoes, the water temperature should be kept at 60-70 degrees Celsius.Remember, never use a chemical solvent such as alcohol or dry shoes after washing them. It is best to dry them in a cool place, because heat can change the shape of the shoe, the hardness of the rubber in the sole and even the stickiness of the adhesive. In addition, the shoe wore long to become smooth unavoidably, brushing the friction face lightly will increase their service life.


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