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How to maintain outdoor customize playground?

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Outdoor customize playgrounds are important areas for children to have fun and communication, which means that the safety of outdoor customize playgrounds is the key issue for outdoor customize playgrounds manufacturers. It is necessary for servicemen to have a check regularly in case of any danger. The maintenance of outdoor customize playground can not only protect the safety of children, but also reduce the cost of running an outdoor customize playground.


l What are the characteristics of outdoor customize playgrounds must have?

l What are the common errors of outdoor customize playgrounds?

l How to maintain outdoor customize playground?


What are the characteristics of outdoor customize playgrounds must have?

Non-standard customize playground is to promote balance training. In addition to the balance training of the vestibular system, there are other balance trainings, such as single-plank bridge, balance tactile board, trampoline, children's expansion amusement park. These non-standard customize playgrounds can exercise children's guts, keenness, and thinking.

The non-standard customize playground can promote mental development training. Non-standard customize playground contains blocks of different shapes and colors, which are very helpful for children to explore the characteristics of objects.

Toys of different materials and shapes included in non-standard customize playground are very helpful to the development of children's sense of touch. The sense of touch is not only distributed on the hands, but on the skin.

Non-standard customize playground can benefit the training of the vestibular system. Vestibular training is a very important part of balance. Rotating, shaking, and speed motion modes all require the participation of the vestibular system.

The environment of children's non-standard amusement playground is mostly in bright and distinct without dazzling colors, which are very helpful to children's visual development. Non-standard outdoor playgrounds must be anti-rust without flaking paint.


What are the common errors of outdoor customize playgrounds?

Fasteners of outdoor customize playgrounds such as screws, bolts, and nuts at the connection part are easy to loosen. Because outdoor customize playgrounds must withstand the wind, rain, sunshine, it is common for non-standard amusement equipment to be loose. No matter which part of non-standard outdoor playgrounds is loose, it can cause large loss for children. Use the corresponding tool to tighten or replace it with a new one.

The welding scar of the non-standard outdoor playground is easy to crack and break. Non-standard outdoor playgrounds are placed in the public, which can easy to be failed due to too much use. The best way to avoid the error is to notify the professional or installation unit to deal with it.

The screw plastic cap of non-standard outdoor playground is easy to age. Plastic can be well damaged when exposed to the wind, rain and sunshine. If the screw is exposed, it will damage children. Suspend the use of the non-standard amusement equipment. Open the cover of the plastic cap, disassemble the screw and replace it with a new one. Pay attention to the safety of yourself and the surroundings when disassembling.

Swing board, swing chain and swing buckle are easy to wear. Disassemble and replace by yourself. If you can't solve it, please notify the professional or installation unit.


How to maintain outdoor customize playground?

Before maintaining outdoor customize playgrounds, learn to identify potentially dangerous problems, such as sharp edges or improperly secured moving parts of non-standard amusement equipment that may injure or entangle children. Ensure that all equipment meets basic safety standards. All equipment in the playground should minimize the possibility of children hurting themselves while playing.

It is important to create a safe outdoor customize playground for children. Proper maintenance of outdoor customize playgrounds helps to minimize the risk of preventable injuries. Proper maintenance plans, which require regular inspection and updating of outdoor customize playgrounds, are essential to ensuring the safety of children's play areas. Check carefully for trash, broken glass, and other dangerous items and debris. Other problems to be checked include vandalism or other signs of inappropriate use of the playground. This inspection should include customize amusement equipment and considerable surrounding areas. If your outdoor customize playground has loose surfaces such as sandboxes or coverings, it is especially important to check for potential hazards.

Look for anything that could be harmful to the child, such as exposed roots, loose rocks and sharp branches. Proper drainage is another key component of a safe and clean non-standard outdoor playground. Stagnant water and poorly drained surfaces are a concern because they can lead to disease and injury.


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