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How to make climbing walls more attractive

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How to make climbing walls more attractive? The operation of climbing wall gym is a complex activity, which requires not only creative wall design, but also the joint efforts of dedicated and responsible staff.If you want your climbing wall to stand out from the rest of the gym, you'll need a more attractive climbing wall.


This article contains the following:

Plan climbing walls for target customers

Latest climbing wall design

Careful and considerate service

1、Plan climbing walls for target customers

There are many types of climbing walls, according to the needs of different customers, targeted design of different types of climbing walls is the secret of success in the fierce competition. Kids climbing wall pays more attention to safety than difficulty. The soft climbing wall can ensure that children can climb with weak strength in the air, and colorful painting can attract children's attention. Novice and experienced climbers also have different needs. Beginners are generally more afraid of heights, and bouldering, a more skilled type, is more suitable.

2、Latest climbing wall design

A creative wall design is half the battle, let's take a look at some interesting designs:


At the Bjoeks climbing Centre in Groningen, the Netherlands, there is a strange tower climbing wall.The 37m Excalibur Tower, with an 11m overhang like a giant French fry, recently hosted a climbing competition.The wall looks thin and dangerous, but it's safe.The lower part is suitable for beginners, while the high elevation is worth the challenge for experienced climbers, as exciting as a wild wall.Dutch native climbing champion Jorg Verhoeven has set up a class 9A route on the wall of the steppes, saying the first red spot will give the winner a prize of 1,000 euros.


In Tokyo ILLOIHA Fitness Club, this rock climbing wall resembling Alice in Wonderland undoubtedly takes Tokyo's fashion sense to a new level.It integrates decoration wall and climbing wall into one. Designer Illoiha Omotesando moved dreamlike elements such as picture frame, mirror, deer head, birdcage and vase onto the wall to become a rock spot, thus creating a challenging climbing wall.

3、Careful and considerate service

For a customer who has never been in contact with climbing walls, he or she wants to have a pleasant experience and decide whether to include rock climbing in his or her long-term sports plan. Therefore, the service level of the conservator directly facing the customer is particularly important. Different people, different ideas, different personalities, all need to be protected on the spot, carefully to guide.Just like the imprinting in biology, the first impression often determines the customer's loyalty. After a simple inquiry at the reception desk, the customer has to make the first attempt of climbing in his/her life accompanied by the protector until exhaustion ends. During this entire period, there is a strong demand for professional guidance and reassurance, and the conservator must take on this responsibility. Starting from the simplest power movement explanation and demonstration, the conservator should let the novice realize that rock climbing is a whole-hearted sport, which needs to rely on the strength of lower limbs and waist and abdomen to reduce the burden on the arms, so as to climb more easily. The guard also guides the client in a safe descent position, which professionally reassures him or her about the safety of climbing, thus helping him or her to relax and avoid stress.


Only in this way, can the thinking gap of customers on climbing be marked with a professional brand, the trust and dependence of customers on protecters be promoted, and the recognition of customers on climbing gym's professionalism and good service attitude be enhanced, so as to further attract customers to stay and become loyal members.


These are the Suggestions for the climbing wall hall. In recent years, the climbing wall industry has developed rapidly. More and more materials and designs have been applied to the wall design to make their climbing wall attractive. If you want to know more about Indoor Playground,Trampoline Park, just contact us.


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