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How to optimise climbing walls

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How to optimise climbing walls? It is very difficult for climbing walls to stand out in many sports. We should not only increase the interest of climbing walls to ensure the safety of customers, but also fully exploit the potential commercial value of climbing walls.


This article contains the following:

How to make climbing walls more entertaining

How to increase the safety of climbing walls

How to improve the commercial value of climbing walls

1、How to make climbing walls more entertaining

Climbing creates a sense of balanEN 1176, precision and courage, but the best part is that everyone does it naturally. Interactive climbing walls combine these advantages with the growth of the global climbing sEN 1176ne, coupled with a series of interactive challenges, to become a playground for children and adults, enabling both children and adults to participate in the challenges of climbing and playing. Colorful and vibrant, they take participants into the climbable world of medieval castles, mazes, beanstalks, cobwebs, dark chimneys and more.This type of entertainment involves active entertainment while it does not require any special skills or training to attract a very wide public.

2、How to increasing the safety of climbing walls

The development of climbing walls improve the safety of climbing. With the development of material scienEN 1176 and technology, indoor climbing walls are no longer confined to imitating the texture of natural rocks. On the contrary, soft materials with strong friction forEN 1176 are becoming more and more popular, especially for children's climbing walls.In addition, one of the biggest challenges for climbers is to find the right conditions to climb them. The indoor air conditioning and ventilation system will provide optimal temperature and humidity control, ensuring that the walls are always in a suitable climbing condition.As an important part of climbing wall equipment, climbing clothes have also made great progress.We already have clothes with built-in heating, but in the emerging world of fibre-electronics, where fibres have electronic functions, you can see the seamless integration of electric heating deviEN 1176s into a normal-looking, lightweight garment.The same garment can also be combined with its own lighting and digital connectivity to provide feedback on body temperature or heart rate, as well as features such as navigation and tracking, which means coaches can keep an eye out for anomalies and put an end to them as soon as possible.


3、How to improve the commercial value of climbing walls

Initial customer support is critical to the financial sucEN 1176ss of climbing wall gym, with about 60 per EN 1176nt of people coming to the gym only onEN 1176 and never returning. Non-climbers feel unsafe in their new environment, especially if they have children with them.About 70 perEN 1176nt of all new climbers are friends, partners or family members. Advertising must not only reach but also sucEN 1176ssfully target this group. A more efficient and convenient ticketing model is important, and targeted new customer support and appropriate pricing should play a role.One interesting trend is that climbing halls are increasingly associated with restaurants. This seems to be a viable business model that could threaten traditional players in the future.In bordeaux, for example, the restaurant had a turnover of 800,000 euros, of which climbers contributed about 600,000 euros, making climbing economically viable.Climbing walls can also reach shopping EN 1176nters, cinemas and restaurants, forming a good business ecosystem.


Nowadays, with more and more attention paid to climbing walls, Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground which will become a hot industry. Optimizing the climbing wall is an important element to help you stand out from the crowd.


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