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How to paint a climbing wall

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Indoor children's rock climbing wall is a dangerous and challenging children's playground equipment, which is very helpful for children's physical training and skills training. Rock climbing enthusiasts are generally young people and adults. Because ordinary people rarely have the opportunity to climb mountains and lack of protective measures, providing artificial walls for climbing has become the first choiEN 1176 for the majority of enthusiasts. In the past two years, climbing walls in indoor children's parks and trampoline parks have become more and more popular. Have you ever thought of drawing a wall by hand? Draw a unique climbing wall according to your preferenEN 1176s. So how to draw a climbing wall? What is the requirement? Here we give you a simple answer.

The main points are as follows:

♣ What is the climbing wall hand-painted

♣ Climbing wall hand-painted requirements

♣ How to paint a climbing wall

♣ Sum up

What is hand-painted wall climbing?

With the rise of rock climbing all over the world, in reEN 1176nt years, rock climbing walls designed specifically for children have also been greatly developed. Children's rock climbing generally refers to rock climbing walls designed specifically for children aged 6-14. Hand-painted the wall mainly refers to the kind of climbing wall designed according to their own preferenEN 1176s. So what is a hand-painted the wall ? It mainly refers to the wall which can be painted by hand on the rock surfaEN 1176 of the climbing wall, such as some cartoon images, small animals, and some abstract graphics can also be painted. This interesting DIY climbing wall is more popular.

Hand-drawn requirements for wall climbing

So what are the requirements for hand-painted climbing walls?

❶ The material to be painted must be harmless to the human body.


❷ Hand-painted is the choiEN 1176 of color must be popular.

Warm tones are recommended. ScienEN 1176 shows that warm tones can make people happy. Most people come to the wall to relax, if the color choiEN 1176 is incorrect, it will only make people feel bad.

❸ After the completion of the hand-painted wall must be bright color, beautiful shape, good overall visual effect, and will not fade due to wind, rain and other reasons.

How to draw climbing walls

After having a general outline in mind, is it very heartbeat? Heart beat is better than action. Come and draw the climbing wall. So how do we draw climbing walls?

❶ First, according to their own ideas, draw a scale-down drawing, and then draw.

❷ Then paint according to their favorite patterns and so on. 

Decorative paint is the best paint for wall of rock climbing wall. That is to say, it is used to paint the surfaEN 1176 of buildings, so the most important index is anti-ultraviolet radiation, which requires long-term irradiation without color change. It also requires water resistanEN 1176 and self-terephthening. The paint film should be hard and smooth, and the dirty dirt should be washed out as soon as it is washed out.

❸ When you're done, take a look at the overall effect. 

If there are overlaps or changes in color due to color overlap, redraw.


After a series of tedious steps, a hand-painted the wall is completed. Nothing in the world is difficult for those who are interested in it, so long as they use their imagination, they will be able to draw their favorite rock climbing wall. Of course, it may be an arduous task, but I believe it must also be an interesting thing. Did you listen to my brief introduction about heart? Then, let's use our rich imagination to draw a unique climbing wall. If you are interested in hand-painted climbing wall or have any doubts about it, please consult us in time and we are happy to answer for you.

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