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How to practice parkour?

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There are three extremely important indicators in parkour training: strength, stability and coordination, which can only be developed in tandem in order for a parkour to move forward correctly and without injury.


l Before the start of parkour training:

l Start of parkour training:

l End of parkour training:


Before the start of parkour training: the warm-up

The warm-up period the preparation for training, is usually based on jogging, with a moderate amount of low-intensity exercise to get the muscles and joints fully active and keep the body in good condition before starting training.

If your knees are in bad shape, you can also lubricate your joints in another way, by cat crawling, by learning how to walk like a cat to make your joints melt. It is slightly more intense than jogging, but the overall joint movement is better than jogging, so make up your mind.

The second stage of the warm-up is the stretching of the ligaments and the deep lubrication of the joints. The usual way to stretch the ligaments is through the most basic warm-up exercises, which all Chinese students probably know, and simple yoga moves that can also play a role in stretching the ligaments. Only standard stretches can stretch the ligaments. After the second phase, take a short rest and a drink of water before starting the physical training phase.


Start of parkour training

Physical training is about strength, co-ordination and stability and as these three components are very diverse. Strength training can be divided into explosive strength training and endurance training. In the explosive training, you need to pay attention to the training mode, focus on the high intensity of a short period of training, in the shortest possible time to explode their body's maximum strength, and should not be rushed to extend the time, there is no benefit to their training effect. Too long and intense training can cause damage to the ligament tissue. In the case of endurance training, low intensity and longer training cycles are required. As the exercise is about your ability to sustain movement, the intensity can be adjusted to your tolerance range, but the overall intensity is not recommended to exceed one third of the explosive training.


Stability training, controlling one's body posture, improves overall movement stability and increases the success rate of the movement, and because stability requires more muscle groups, training is mostly a full-body approach. It should be noted that stability training requires a relatively high level of muscle strength, so pay attention to the right amount when training.

Stability training: walking on the rail, cat crawl, crocodile crawl, handstand, etc.

Coordination exercises, coordination of limbs and trunk, improving the overall finish and aesthetics of movements, adjusting body posture, coordination between muscle groups and muscle groups, etc.

It is important to note that co-ordination is slightly related to innate ability, so you don't have to worry if you find that your co-ordination is not as good as others, but with the right exercises everyone can have perfect co-ordination. Coordination exercises: single-leg stance, single-leg stance with eyes closed, static squats on the bar, etc.


End of parkour training:

At the end of the physical training described above, a static body stretch is also performed. The aim is to reverse stretch or compress the muscles to relax them and to remove the lactic acid from them by compressing and reverse stretching them, so that they return to their normal state more quickly. This is why static stretching after your workout is so important. If you are able to do so, you can do some yoga stretches at the end of your workout.If you want to know more about our high quality Trampoline Park products, you can contact us at any time.


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