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How to store interactive floor games?

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Interactive floor games are innovative platforms with endless possibilities. Use interactive projection system technology can create large interactive floor games and interactive floor games with projectors or any other display technology. it is revolutionary not only because of the technology inside but also because it is the most practical, robust and fun gesture platform for kids while still being easy to install and operate. Interactive floor games can convert any free space into an unforgettable fun-filled experience in any environment. The low attention span of kids requires the use of specialized systems.


What are the features of interactive floor games?

How to store interactive floor games?

What should be paid attention to when cleaning interactive floor games?


What are the features of interactive floor games?

Different from the traditional indoor play structures, the biggest advantage of interactive games lies in their interactivity. Instead of just playing in a confined space, children are able to exercise more freely throughout their bodies. Interactive games are hot nowadays, which not only attract popularity but also keep the children entertained and even turn back and play many times.

l Interactive floor games are easy to operate and can be adapted to almost any floor surface.

l Interactive floor games have an inbuilt ‘play safe’ element that makes them safe and suitable for children.

l Interactive floor games deliver high-resolution projection with outstanding picture quality.

l Interactive floor games use custom-made software that can be tailored specifically to your multimedia advertising, marketing or general business needs.

l Interactive floor games offer an exciting design-driven content system that boasts interactive software, motion camera integration and more.


How to store interactive floor games?

As interactive floor games have electricity, they must be kept carefully. The interactive floor games must be kept in cold indoor without the sunlight.

It is important to create a safe interactive floor game for children. Proper maintenance of interactive games helps to minimize the risk of preventable injuries. Proper maintenance plans, which require regular inspection and updating of interactive games, are essential to ensuring the safety of children's play areas. Check carefully for trash, broken glass, and other dangerous items and debris.

Other problems to be checked include vandalism or other signs of inappropriate use of the playground. This inspection should include interactive floor games and considerable surrounding areas.

When storing, interactive floor game is best not to fold it, but to roll up the removed electric mattress and electric blanket from one end and store it in a roll. If you must fold, try to avoid making dead folds, and put interactive floor games on the top of the cabinet to avoid being squeezed and forming dead folds as much as possible.

It is best to test interactive floor games before use. The best way is to power on and observe for a few minutes. If there is no problem, use a test pencil to test interactive floor games in various positions, especially the folded area. If the light inside is on, please don't use it.


What should be paid attention to when cleaning interactive floor games?

Regular cleaning is an important factor in keeping interactive floor games safe for public use. Thankfully, cleaning and disinfecting interactive floor games is easy with the use of common household cleaning products.

Please refer to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces guidelines to clean and disinfect interactive floor games.

Always clean the surface of interactive floor games with soap and low-pressure water prior to disinfection. High pressure water may damage paint and surfaces. Normal routine cleaning with soap and water removes germs and dirt from interactive floor games and lowers the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, ensuring a contact time of at least 1 minute. Rinse your interactive floor games and let it completely dry before allowing it to be used.


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