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How to update interactive games?

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Modern interactive games make full use of advanced technologies such as machinery, electricity, light, sound, water, and power, integrating knowledge, interest, science and thrills. Interactive game is popular among young people and children. Interactive game has played an active role in enriching people's entertainment life, exercising people's physique, cultivating people's sentiment, and beautifying the urban environment. There are many types of interactive games, various structures and sports styles with great differences in specifications and sizes. 


Which are popular interactive games?

How to update interactive games?

What makes interactive games different?


Which are popular interactive games?

One of the most popular interactive games is the interactive game projection slide. For a long time, children just slide down from the different height. Now, interactive projection slide makes use of advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantasy dynamic interactive experience. In the player’s body contact area, there will have a variety of interactive effects, allowing you to enter a virtual reality integration. The interactive projector games include ripples, collisions, lasers, evasion, and other manifestations. So, the interactive projection slide gives the players a totally new interactive experience.

Another popular interactive game is interactive game ball hit equipment. 3D interactive ball-throwing is the use of real-time video image recognition sensing technology, precisely capture the trajectory of each ball, well-crafted a stimulating fun virtual reality interactive interface. Without a doubt, interactive ball-throwing is very easy to increase the enthusiasm of children and increase lively popularity. It is as attractive as interactive floor projector.

Another popular interactive floor game is magic piano, which belongs to interactive floor projector. Through the real piano keyboard, combined with LCD display and piano teaching software control together, all work as one of the electronic piano teaching machines.


How to update interactive games?

The interactive games want to be popular so that they must update from time to time. One of the most important elements is the storyline. The interactive games must have story to attract more and more children interested in.

Characters of interactive games can be upgraded by accumulating experience. When the current experience meets the upgrade requirements, you can choose to increase the level. After the upgrade, you will get 10 attribute points, of which 5 points are evenly distributed to physique, magic power, strength, endurance and agility. The remaining 5 points are allocated by the players according to their own wishes.

The level of interactive games is automatically increased when the experience meets the requirements. After the upgrade, it gains 10 attribute points. The method of distribution is the same as that of the character. The pet's experience is calculated based on the online time, and it will be automatically upgraded when the experience meets the requirements.


What makes interactive games different?

Interactive games are generally ultra-short throw projectors with projection mapping. The images and words are projected onto a projector screen or whiteboard, much like your standard projectors. Unlike most projectors, however, interactive games give you the ability to interact with what you’re projecting. Interactive games are able to do this with special sensors.

There are two types of interactive games. One is DLP interactive games, the other is infrared interactive projectors. DLP projectors project they’re own patterns over the original display that’s being projected on a screen. This special pattern emerges in a quick flash. The pen of the interactive game can detect this special pattern while the projector is making a connection to the pen being used. So, when you’re using the pen, the interactive projector game is able to pick up the movements. This information is understood by the projector and your device. Depending on your specific projector, some can even copy what the pen has done while saving the changes on the original document.

Infrared interactive projectors work in a simpler process than a DLP interactive projector. Besides the normal lens on the interactive projector, there’s also a special camera. When an interactive pen is used on the projected image, the pen reflects infrared light to the special camera. The movement is then reflected back to the main projected image.


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