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How to use outdoor fitness equipment correctly?

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Outdoor fitness equipment is very popular, but if you don’t know how to use outdoor fitness equipment scientifically and reasonably, it will increase the chance of injury, and cause joint damage, ligament strain, muscle strain and so on over the years. So, how to use outdoor fitness equipment correctly?


Here is the content list:

Choose fitness equipment

Specific use of fitness equipment


Choose fitness equipment

Please perform proper warm-up exercises before you exercise. Please do not wear slippers, clothes that are too long or too loose. Please hold the equipment with both hands and do not distract your energy to avoid accidents. And before you use the fitness equipment, please read the instructions and safety precautions carefully, check the safety of the equipment, and use it after confirming that there is no safety hazard. If you find any problems with the fitness equipment, please stop using it immediately and inform the management office or Lian Fitness Equipment manufacturers. Then, according to your current physical condition, choose the equipment that suits you for fitness. If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately and do exercises after your body recovers;


Specific use of fitness equipment


Method: Hold the handrails tightly with both hands, stand on the pedals with your feet apart for jogging or walking.

Note: Hold the bar firmly with both hands to prevent falling; the swing of both legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.

Combined horizontal bar

Method: The person jumps up, holds the bar with both hands, and does pull-ups or dangling leg lifts.

Note: Hold the bars tightly with both hands to prevent injuries from falling.


Balance roller

Method: Hold the bar firmly with both hands, stand on the roller with both feet, and slowly turn the roller forward or backward with your feet.

Note: Hold the bar firmly; only when the balance roller is stationary, can you go up and down the equipment. The exercise should be slow at the beginning, and then gradually speed up. Elderly people and people suffering from diseases cannot use this device.



Method: Hold the armrest with your feet on the pedals, adjust your body's center of gravity, and move your feet back and forth.

Note: When holding the handlebar, the thumb and index finger should face each other and hold the handlebar tightly to avoid loosening and falling injuries.



Method: Hold the handle tightly with both hands, stand on the circular pedal or sit on the pedal with both feet balanced, and use the waist to drive the lower limbs or the body to turn left and right.

Note: The waist should be controlled when twisting, and the amplitude should not be too large. Remember to never leave the handle. Pay attention to whether you turn your waist and shoulders at the same time or just twist your waist. If you are accustomed to only twisting your waist, keep the twisting angle below 45 degrees, and the twisting speed must be slow and even to achieve fitness without hurting your body.


Back massager

Method: The human body is close to the massager, moving slowly up and down, left and right. This equipment is more suitable for the elderly.

Note: Use moderate force and move slowly to fast.


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