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Important trampoline accessories or safety accessories

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The current development stage is different. In order to bring better service to consumers and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, many trampoline manufacturers have improved various equipment and assembly in the stadium.So what advantages will come with the structural improvement of the trampoline park?


This article contains the following:

  • Trampoline steel frame

  • Trampoline soft bag

  • Trampoline trampoline surface

  • Springs

  • Advantages of structural transformation in trampoline parks


1.Trampoline steel frame

You need to find it carefully in a trampoline park to be able to see the trampoline steel frame. Generally, this type of high-quality steel frame is chosen to fix the trampoline surface. Soft bag, the general service life is about 8 years.


2.Trampoline soft bag

The soft bag is to avoid direct collision between the trampoline and the trampoline shelf. Generally speaking, the trampoline soft bag is made of PVC leather and pearl cotton. The life of PVC leather is about 3 years.


3.Trampoline trampoline surface

The common part of the trampoline surface is made of PP material, and its color is blue, black, and yellow. This trampoline surface can well carry players to assist players to complete various trampoline jumping actions. However, the bearing capacity of this trampoline surface is dynamic and static in the atmosphere. Generally, the static pressure is 600 kg, while the dynamic pressure is 260 kg. The life of a standard trampoline surface can reach 5 years, but the life of a non-standard trampoline surface is only about 3 years.



There are 14 springs in each trampoline surface. This spring is made of 80 # manganese steel, but there are 116 springs in professional trampolines. The specifications of the two springs are different. The spring life of a spring made of sponge material is 300,000 times. This sponge depends on the use of the player.


5.Advantages of structural transformation in trampoline parks

In order to give consumers greater peace of mind, the trampoline projects in the current trampoline park are divided into multiple areas, and the areas for adults and children are independent and do not interfere with each other. The structure of some larger trampoline parks will be more obvious, and the advantages will be greater, and the safety will be stronger.

Many people have a bit of worry when trying to invest in a trampoline park project. They think that some harm to the body caused by jumping at the same time is relatively large. If you use too much force, the burden on the body will be unbearable. But today's players don't have to worry about security issues in the venue. All they need to do is to play as much as they want.

The new structure of the trampoline park has brought new functions to more projects. The area of each trampoline is relatively large, and the area set is more reasonable and scientific. This allows consumers to experience the fun of trampolines in such a week of innovative experiences. This entertainment project is based on its versatility. Although their core items are all bouncing, they have different gameplay and can be refined. Have different novelty fun. We are trampoline park manufacture,we also produce small indoor trampoline and so on, contact us !


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