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Instructions for purchasing outdoor playground equipment

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Not long ago, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Henan Yiyang County organized safety inspectors to supervise and inspect the operation of large outdoor playground equipment and outdoor playset in the county's riverside park. A total of 6 units and 7 large outdoor playground equipment were inspected. Inspectors have seized illegal amusement facilities with major safety hazards such as unregistered, uninspected, unlicensed operators, and aging outdoor playground equipment, and posted more than 20 announcements to remind the general public not to ride illegal outdoor playground equipment.


Here is the content list:

  • Instructions for purchasing outdoor playground equipment.

  • Rejecting three no products when purchasing children's amusement equipment.

  • How to choose materials for purchasing outdoor playground equipment?


Instructions for purchasing outdoor playground equipment.

See the applicable age range of outdoor playground equipment. General toys will indicate the applicable age range of the toy in the instructions for use, which can be purchased according to the age of the child. This has two main meanings:

(1) First, the outdoor playground equipment itself is designed for people of this age;

(2) Second, people who are not in this age are dangerous to use the product.


Look at the safety warnings. Some dangerous manufacturers implied by outdoor playground equipment will be warned by warnings. If you open the package, please discard the packaging plastic bag immediately. , Non-life-saving products, can only be used in shallow water, not suitable for children under 7 years old, etc. When buying and using toys, be sure to read the warnings carefully to avoid the risk of misuse of outdoor playground equipment.


  • Look at the effective date. Some products are designated to be used within the validity period, which can avoid the use of expired products.

  • See how to use it. For complex toys, such as children's bicycles, walkers, computer learning machines, etc., imported outdoor playground equipment should have detailed usage methods and precautions, which should be paid attention to when purchasing.

  • See the assembly process diagram. For outdoor playground equipment, whether it is assembled by adults or by children, there should be an assembly procedure diagram.


Rejecting three no products when purchasing children's amusement equipment

According to the provisions of the "Quality Law", all domestically produced and sold products should be marked with the factory name, site and certificate of conformity, and should be marked with standardized Chinese characters. Imported children’s amusement facilities should also have instructions for using outdoor playground equipment in Chinese.


The instructions for use of outdoor playground equipment provide a lot of information about the product and should be read carefully. Three no products are rejected, so when purchasing children's amusement equipment, attention should be paid to whether the instructions for the use of children's amusement equipment are complete.


How to choose materials for purchasing outdoor playground equipment?

(1) The thickness of the plate, the thickness of the steel. This is something underneath the exterior, which is often ignored by many beginners. Outdoor playground equipment as a service industry, safety is the focus. Without a stable and solid structure, what about security?

(2) The thickness and quality of the wrapping leather. The quality of the skin is so poor that it can be pretty in a short period of a few months, but soon the skin will age, crack, and the sponge will be exposed, making outdoor playground equipment difficult to see.

(3) The quality and life of the motor. Why are many coconut trees and treasure ships in the paradise immovable? Of course, it was active when it was bought, but only for a few months. Later, the manufacturer was called to repair it several times. Later, the manufacturer completely lost confidence because the motor can only last for this time. In addition to the static display, this is not called an electric paradise.

(4) Do the little animals in the park use soft toys? A large part of outdoor playground equipment on the market is equipped with plush toys, but plush toys are not only easy to deform, but also easy to get dirty. Some manufacturers’ amusement equipment have fully adopted PU leather dolls instead of the original plush. The first filling is very strong, the leather is also strong, and the dolls will not deform.

(5) The sponge inside the outdoor playground equipment is also very important and must be high density. Otherwise, over time, all the sponges will collapse, and the PU leather that wraps the outdoor playground equipment will collapse, which is unsightly and will not serve as a safety cushion. 

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